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Let us help you find the best wedding anniversary gifts by year

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The happy couple can celebrate each year by choosing wedding anniversary gifts by year of marriage. This gift represents the number of years since their wedding day. Of course family and friends can join in too and celebrate with the couple their silver, ruby and golden wedding anniversaries.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Anniversary British American Modern
1 cotton paper clocks
2 paper cotton china
3 leather leather crystal
4 fruit, flowers linen, silk appliances
5 wood wood silverware
6 sugar iron wooden
7 wool, copper wool, copper desk item
8 bronze, pottery bronze linen, lace
9 pottery, willow pottery leather
10 tin tin, aluminum diamond
11 steel steel jewelry
12 linen, silk silk pearl
13 lace lace textiles, furs
14 ivory ivory gold
15 crystal crystal watches
20 china china platinum
25 silver silver sterling silver
30 pearl pearl diamond
35 coral coral, jade jade
40 ruby ruby ruby
45 sapphire sapphire sapphire
50 gold gold gold
55 emerald emerald emerald
60 diamond diamond diamond
65 blue sapphire blue sapphire blue sapphire
70 platinum platinum platinum

Here on the site we have put together a chart detailing the traditional wedding anniversary gift lists. Click through to our other pages where we have given you a few, hopefully different and unique ideas for the people you wish to buy for.

The table shows the differences between British, American and Modern Anniversaries.

If you are lucky enough to be married for 75 years you will celebrate your diamond or double diamond anniversary. These anniversaries are very rare occasions. Queen Victoria's 1897 celebration of a Diamond Jubilee for the length of her reign popularized the use of the diamond to commemorate 60 years.

Wedding anniversary gifts by year for 80 years of marriage should be of oak. This is VERY rare, but you'll still find a couple of ideas here to help.

How It All Started

The current list of wedding anniversary gifts was first created in 1937 by the American National Retail Jeweler Association. They devised a list which gave a material or gift for each anniversary up to 15 years and then a different gift material every 5 years up to the 80th Anniversary. Since then British and Modern lists have also been created. You will need to decide which list to use as there are some differences.

We are aware that there are variations of the above chart available on the Internet and also in reference books. The reference books we used all have cotton as the 1st anniversary and paper for the 2nd anniversary.

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