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Unique Thirteenth Anniversary Gifts - Furs


Fake Fur in Pink

 Finding those unique thirteenth anniversary gifts made of fur may seem challenging. Especially as the gift for this anniversary is fur. All of our suggestions below refer to artificial, fake or faux fur.


We hope these suggestions will help you...

Faux Fur Throws

There are many designs to be found when purchasing faux fur throws. You could go for a plain design or one of a leopard skin print depending on the room where it will be used.


Many bags an be found made out of faux fur. Buy one that your wife will enjoy carrying around.


Buy some gloves trimmed with faux fur. Or the whole of the gloves may be made from faux fur depending on what outfit the gloves are intended for.


Coats and jackets are made for both male and female from faux fur. You may decide that you want to buy his and her jackets to match.

Valentine Banner 2012

Unique Thirteenth Anniversary Gifts - Scarves

Scarves are available in both his and her styles. Choose ones to complement the outfits being worn.


Hats are available to match the faux furs used in the coats. You may decide to buy a hat to go with the scarf you have just purchase.

All About Fur

Traditionally fur items are produced from the coats of many types of mammals. These can consist of short, medium or long hairs. Many animals in the past have been killed for their fur but this has changed in recent years. People now generally prefer to purchase fake furs or faux furs. These are man-made, artificial products.

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