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Unique Mothers Day Gift


Mothers Day Rose and Calendar

Finding that unique Mothers Day gift need not be expensive. Children often only receive a small amount of pocket money and the mother would not therefore expect the child to spend a huge amount on the gift. It is the thought that counts and a card goes a long way in showing that you love them.

We hope the following suggestions will help you.

A Plant for the Garden

Buy a plant for the garden. If it is a flowering one then each year when it blooms the mother receiving it will have fond memories of the person who gave it to her.

Chocolate Gifts

Find a box of chocolates that have been beautifully wrapped. These days you can often find chocolates that are in containers that can be used as keepsake boxes.

Unique Mothers Day Gift - Perfume and Toiletries

This may be a little more expensive. An older son or daughter might like to buy her favorite perfume. A younger child may like to buy something smaller such as bubble bath, scented soap or bath oils.


A pair of earrings or a chain and pendant is often well received as the mother is able to wear them all the time.

Favorite Books

Buy a book written by your mothers favorite author. This will give her something to read in her spare time.

DVDs for Her

Buy a DVD that she can watch with the whole family. There is plenty of choice and new films appear on DVD very quickly these days.

Beautiful Flowers

Buy a bouquet of flowers. Choose flowers in your mothers favorite colors. Or why not buy a bouquet of paper flowers, ideal for people who suffer with hay fever.

Gifts to make her Comfortable

Consider giving gifts that will allow her to relax and be more comfortable. Examples are V-shaped pillows for extra comfort while sitting in a chair or reading in bed. A nice dressing gown and slippers. How about one of those trays thats molds itself to your lap? She can use this for snacks, meals or tea and biscuits.

Photographs and Treasured Memories

Create a special photograph album containing reminders of treasured memories. You could get the whole family to contribute. You could find that one special photograph and present it in beautiful frame.

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