Unique Gift Inspirations

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Unique Gifts For Girlfriend

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Finding unique gifts for girlfriend may not be such an impossible task. There are many unusual ideas out there and one of them might just suit the person receiving the gift.


We hope the following suggestions will help you.

Health Farm

Why not buy your girlfriend either a day or weekend at a health farm. A time to be pampered without a care in the world. Relax in a spa pool or have a facial, the choice will be hers. All designed to de-stress and relax.

Caricature Picture

Have a caricature picture done of yourself to present as a gift to your girlfriend. She should love the fun element of the gift and will be able to hang it where she can see it when you are not able to be with her.

Photographic Session

Arrange for your girlfriend to have a make over and then have a photographic session. Nice to have someone do your makeup professionally for you and then have the photos to remember the event. She may even allow you to hang one on your wall.

Romantic Novel

There are businesses that will create a romantic novel that has your girlfriend and you as the main characters. Include family and friends and your pets in the novel. Make sure it has a happy ending for the pair of you.


Not so easy if you have just met. This is usually very personal to the one wearing it so choose carefully. Ask her what she is wearing, suggesting that you are interested as you like the smell.

Girl Birthday Party Themes

Theater Vouchers

Buy a theater voucher. These come in various prices and your girlfriend will then be able to decide what she would like to go and see.

Unique Gifts For Girlfriend - Jewelry

Always well received by a woman especially if the piece contains a diamond or two. If buying earrings check to make sure that your girl friend has pierced ears before purchasing as these are usually not refundable.

Click on the link above to view jewelry gifts for girlfriends.


Purchase the latest chick flick and enjoy a romantic evening in together watching it. Why not buy her favorite wine to go with it?


Purchase a beautiful box of chocolates for the chocoholic in your life. She will be eternally grateful especially if you buy her a years supply. Or a box of cookies might go down well. Click on the link below to view other gift ideas.


Buy an enormous bouquet of flowers. This need not be her main gift but will be seen as very thoughtful and give you plenty of Brownie points.

Luxury Fruit Hampers

Purchase a hamper made up of different fruits and include other items in it as well. Click on link to view fruit hampers for delivery.

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