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Unique Gifts for Dad




We hope these pages help you to find those perfect, unique gifts for Dad.

Dads come in all shapes, sizes and a large range of ages. A list of possible presents, especially unique gifts could run to many pages. Consider this a start and use it to create your own ideas.

As we have said before, you can look through the rest of the site as you may find the perfect gift sitting waiting in a place you had not though to look. Remember that choosing gifts can be an annual task so be on the look out for next years present, or for a gift idea for someone else.


Does he have a favorite author? A favorite period of history? A favorite hobby? Books make a ideal present as you can tailor the gift to what you can afford. A younger person could buy a novel. You could invest in a signed copy of a book. You could order a difficult to find item well in advance.

Is there a TV program he particularly likes? Sets of DVDs with a full season of a show make great gifts. You could start a collection of classic films for him. Especially if he likes a particular type of film such as westerns or spy films.


Unique Gifts For Dad - Jigsaws and Puzzles

These provide amusement when it is not possible to be out and about. You could do the puzzle together then mount it on wall. If you want to tax his brain a little then there are many impossible puzzles out there. There are 3D puzzles. There are puzzles with a theme. There are puzzles with a Murder mystery contained in them. You could just choose a nice picture of something he likes.
My wife bought me a jigsaw puzzle of a Harley Davidson. Not quite what I was hinting at!

Sports Gifts

For the sports fanatic dad there are many possible gifts to fit all price ranges. Merchandise such as wallets, key rings and clothing are available. So are bits of sporting memorabilia. Sporting books and DVDs are always popular. Especially those containing his sporting heroes. Films with a sporting theme are readily available - Ali and the series of Rocky films for example.

Happy Gifts

Give him something to make him smile. Something to decorate the interior of the car. An odd T-shirt he will just HAVE to wear on holiday. An unusual pair of socks. An unusual desk calendar (cartoon ones are especially popular). If you choose carefully this will be one of those unique gifts for Dad that no one else will have thought of. This type of small gift will make him grin and bring back memories. Make sure you get photographs!

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Other Gifts for Him

Try our other pages of gifts for him. There is certain to be a unique Father gift idea somewhere on the site.


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