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Unique gifts for boyfriend birthdays and the like


Gift in Hand

Looking for those unique gifts for boyfriend birthdays or husband birthdays or similar occasions? You may have only been together for a few weeks or maybe just a few days. You may have known each other for years. What do you buy someone you don't know very well? Maybe you know them very well and just want some different ideas.


We hope these suggestions will help you...

Tools and other useful gadgets

Even if he is not very useful around the house you may find that buying tools starts a trend towards home improvement. Power tools may be particularly useful in this regard.
If you think that this might not be suitable then you could think of smaller gadget style gifts. There are penknives, multi-tools, torches, binoculars, mini cameras and the like.

Electronic Gadgets

There are many electronic gadgets such as mp3 and mp4 players or noise canceling headphones. For a person who needs to be organized or that needs an office on the move then consider a Pocket PC or Palm device. These are now available with cameras, GPS systems and telephone capabilities. These make unique gifts for boyfriend ideas.

Business Card holder

Have a business card holder engraved with your boyfriends initials. This will look impressive when he gets it out to hand someone his business card.

Bottle of Wine

Buy a nice bottle of wine. Maybe the two of you will get to enjoy a glass or two together.

Click on this image to purchase bottles of wine as a gift.


Get your boyfriend a GPS for his birthday. Never get lost again when you are out together. If he has a smart phone consider purchasing one of the applications that allows you to go Geocaching. An international treasure hunt using a GPS and coordinates set by another person. A container with a log book to sign and date will be found at these coordinates, along with track-ables and small gifts to swap in and out.

Cuff Links

For a special birthday buy cuff links and a tie pin to match the birthstone of your boyfriend. Place them on a new shirt and tie, making your unique gifts for the boyfriend more exciting.


There are many designs to choose from. You may want to keep it plain with just their name. You might like to have their favorite sport engraved on it. Tankards can be purchased in glass or in a metal such as pewter.

Pens and Pencil Set

Have a pen and pencil set engraved with his name. This pen and pencil should never go missing unless someone else has exactly the same name.

Key Rings

Always useful for all those keys one usually has. Have it engraved with their name and favorite sport.

Dinner for Two

Take your boyfriend for a romantic meal. Pick his favorite restaurant and tell him before you go what you are celebrating. These work especially well as unique gifts for boyfriend anniversaries. Take him to the place you had your first date.

Caricature Picture

Why not have a caricature of yourself done? Or maybe you could have one done showing the pair of you together. Your boyfriend would be able to hang the picture on a wall in his home so that he has a reminder of you when you are unable to be with him.

Unique Gifts For Boyfriend - DVDs

Find out their favorite type of film and purchase one that he hasn't got. Some research may be needed for this one though.


Buy a CD to go in his music collection. If your boyfriend has a large collection you may need to do some research on the one to buy. Consider purchasing some of the classics by Bob Dylan, The Eagles or Led Zeppelin.

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Theater Tickets

Take your boyfriend to the theater to see the latest musical. Take in a pre show meal as well and make it an evening to remember.


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