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Unique First Year Anniversary Gifts - Paper


pile of books

It can be quite challenging to find those unique first year anniversary gifts. It is traditional to give paper gifts on the first wedding anniversary in the USA. Traditionally in Britain paper is the second anniversary gift.

Why not have a look at the other gift pages and maybe combine a couple of ideas for that unique 1st anniversary gift?

We hope the following suggestions will help you.


A useful gift so that the couple can say thank you for all the gifts they have received from family and friends. Much nicer than a telephone call or email.

What Happened the Day You were Married (apart from the obvious)

How about buying a copy of a famous newspaper dated for the exact day and year of your marriage? Or maybe there are other periodicals that you have in mind.

Toilet Paper

toilet paper

A unique and fun gift for the happy couple celebrating their paper wedding anniversary. A roll of toilet paper congratulating them on their anniversary. Click on the link to view the toilet roll gift. Or maybe a toilet roll printed with a currency. These toilet rolls make very unique first year anniversary gifts.

Unique First Year Anniversary Gifts - Magazines

This is an unusual paper anniversary gift. Buy your spouse a years subscription to their favorite magazine. You could also give them a new hobby this way. You could decide to subscribe together to a travel magazine and plan you next adventure.

Anniversary Club

anniversary club bear


Arrange to have a gift sent to your spouse on your wedding anniversary. Ideal for the teddy bear lover is a bear holding a rose with the number of the anniversary on the bears top.


Note Paper

A small but fun gift would be note paper with 1st Anniversary on them. Ideal for someone wanting to give a small gift to the happy couple.

Research the History of your Surname

Have it framed so that you can have it on show. This sort of gift makes a good conversation piece as well as an interesting read.


Buy the happy couple a pair of theater tickets or vouchers for a top restaurant. Or maybe combine the two and include a hotel for a romantic weekend.
Buy them tickets for their favorite sporting event or musical. Is their favorite band or musician touring at the moment?

Surprise your spouse with travel documents

These can prove to be a wonderful way of celebrating your wedding anniversary. To make this a really unique first year anniversary gift you could travel to the place where you proposed, or where you had your honeymoon.
Make it more fun by buying and wrapping an item of clothing and enclosing the tickets. The tickets will come as a complete surprise when they try the clothing on.

Holiday to Egypt

Treat yourselves to a holiday in Egypt for your paper anniversary. Whilst there you could visit one of the many places that make and sell pictures painted on papyrus. Purchase one to remember the holiday and anniversary.

Make yourself a Laird and your wife a Lady

Own a piece of land in Scotland. Owning just one square foot of land entitles the holder if female to call themselves 'Lady' or if male they may prefix their name with 'The honorable' and have the title 'Laird'.


Books make an ideal gift to be given on this anniversary. Check out the latest publicans and buy one or two which would be of interest to the happy couple. You could have your names printed in a novel to mark your first anniversary.


Paper roses Present your partner with a beautiful bouquet of flowers made of paper. To make this even more special you could even create them yourself. There are many good books that describe how to do this. Click through to view some Paper Roses suitable for this anniversary.

Click on this link to view unique Valentine's gifts which may also make ideal paper wedding anniversary gifts.


Give them Exactly what they want

Finding unique first year anniversary gifts can be a nightmare. If you want to give the happy couple exactly what they want then give a gift certificate. This is especially suitable if the couple are setting up home or have a special purchase in mind. You could find out their favorite store or the one they intend to buy that special purchase from.

Share Certificates

Shares fit this anniversary so why not present them with a framed certificate? Buy your partner a slice of their favorite company. There are many different companies that you can choose from including food, drink, sport and entertainment.

Paperweights are fun and collectible

And yes you've guessed it, they hold your papers in place on the desk. You can have personalized paperweights created for you. You could include favorite sports teams or favorite places. Or you could just choose something that looks attractive. These would make unique first year anniversary gifts for either the husband or the wife.

Interesting Facts About Paper

The word paper comes from the ancient Egyptian writing material called papyrus. This was woven from the papyrus plant. Papyrus was produced as early as 3000 BC in Egypt and was also produced in ancient Greece and Rome.

Parchment and vellum replaced papyrus further north, as the papyrus plant requires subtropical conditions to grow. Parchment and vellum are made of processed sheep or calfskin.

In China documents were originally written on bamboo making them awkward and heavy to transport. Silk was sometimes used, but was usually too expensive to consider.

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