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Unique Fifth Anniversary Gift - Wood


wooden jewelry box


Looking for that elusive unique fifth anniversary gift well look no further. Traditionally wood is given for the fifth year of marriage.

We hope these suggestions will help you...

Wooden Flowers

wooden roses

Many types of wooden flower bouquets are available. You may like the solid wood type that form a rose shaped head. Or you may prefer the more delicate ones where the petals are made from thin shavings of wood. Click on this link to view roses made from wood.

Furniture For The Garden

You could consider purchasing a wooden garden seat for the garden. Somewhere to sit and relax when the weather is good.

Unique Fifth Anniversary Gift - Bird Table

Along with a garden seat, a bird table would make a lovely gift to encourage the wild life into the garden. Include some birdseed with the gift so that it can be used straight away.


Buy yourselves a beautiful piece of furniture. Perhaps a cabinet or chest that can house all your memories.

Anniversary Trees

Trees make ideal wedding anniversary gifts. You can watch them grow with the passing of the years. If you plant a fruit tree you have the added bonus of being able to harvest the crop each anniversary.


Wooden vases make a good fifth anniversary gift. If you intend the vase to be used for flowers you will need to make sure that it is water proof. Look out for woods that have interesting grains such as olive or yew wood as this gives the piece some character.

Rattan Wine Basket

rattan wine basket

Ideal for a romantic picnic to celebrate the anniversary. Fill the hamper basket with the couples favorite wine or champagne.

Valentine Banner 2012

Jewelry Box

Buy your wife a wooden jewelry box and place a piece of jewelry in it to make it more personal. There are many different woods used in the making of boxes. Some in-corporate different colored woods in the designs that are often on the top of them. You may even be able to find pieces of jewelry made out of wood to place in the box.

Facts about Wood

Wood is derived from woody plants, usually trees. Wood has been used for thousands of years for many purposes. These include items of clothing, paper products, heating, ornaments, furniture and even dish cloths can be found made of wood.

Wood can be turned into paper, chipboard, boats small or large, buildings, furniture, tools and many other items.

A tree usually increases in diameter each year, producing growth rings. These rings then can be used to age a tree very accurately. Some trees live for hundreds of years and look very impressive.

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