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Unique Fathers Day Gifts


golf club set


Finding those unique fathers day gifts should be easy to find. Think about the person you are buying for and purchase accordingly.



We hope these suggestions will help you...

PC and Console Games

Men often like to spend half an hour relaxing after a hard days work in the office with a computer game. So why not buy one that he hasn't got? Some of the games are designed for more than one player so you may be able to have a game with him.

Unique Fathers Day Gifts - Gadgets

Buy him a gadget if he is into that sort of thing. There are many 'Multi-tools' available which bring together lots of tools into one device. There are hand-held electronic devices. There are optical devices such as little telescopes and binoculars. Just take a look at one of the many gadget orientated sites on the web.


Buy your father a plant or two for the garden. Make sure they are ones that are hardy so that each year he will be able to see them and be reminded of the person who bought them for him.


If you want to buy something more substantial than plants then why not buy a tree? Each year it will get bigger and will provide shade in the June sunshine.


For the person who loves a drink. Find an unusual wine or spirit that they have not tried before. You never know they might share it with you.

Click on this link to purchase wine gifts or certificates that may be used at a later date.

Cuff Links

A younger person may only have pocket money to spend. Look for gifts that are less expensive such as a pair of cuff links or a tie.

Hip Flasks

An ideal present to go with a bottle of spirit. Hip flasks come in a variety of sizes so you should be able to find one to suit the person you are buying for.


It isn't only women who are chocoholics. Men love them and you will find lots of chocolate gifts specially designed to be given on fathers day.

Subscription to a Magazine

Purchase a years subscription to his favorite magazine. If you are stuck for a gift next year you could always renew it for him.


Unique fathers day gifts are unique for to the person so why not buy a model to make in his spare time? He will have plenty of pleasure making it and will be proud to show his friend and family when it is completed.

Facts On Fathers Day

Fathers day as we know it today was first celebrated on 19th June, 1910 in Spokane, Washington. Anna Jarvis wanted to find a way of celebrating her father who had raised six children by himself. Anna first suggested the 5th June, the anniversary of her father's death. Unfortunately she did not provide the organizers with enough time to prepare it. They therefore moved the event to the third Sunday in June which is still the Sunday used for the celebration in many countries today.

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