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Unique 7th Year Anniversary Gifts - Desk Item


Pen in holder

Plenty of unique 7th year anniversary gifts to choose from for desk items. You can think of almost any item of stationary that might be used in an office. If you want the gift to be smart then look for leather or metal versions. So finding one to suit need not be a problem.


We hope the following suggestions will help you...

Desk Set

A desk set usually includes a stationery and letter rack, a business card holder, a paper tray, a desk blotter pad, and a pencil / pen pot or pen set. There are many styles from modern to antique. You can select a style to match the office to the person.

Pen Set

A good pen set for a desk can make a very impressive gift. For a more old-fashioned or classic office desk then you might consider a fountain pen and inkwell. You could even look for antique examples.

Desktop Rose

Desk top rose


Purchase the happy couple a desktop rose either for their home or maybe one each for were they work. Unusual and with no upkeep very easy to look after. Click on the link to view desk roses.


Photo Frames

Buy a photo frame for your spouse's desk. They will then be able to put a family photo in it. When they are having a hard time they will be able to look at it and smile.

Unique 7th Year Anniversary Gifts - Clocks

Look for a neat clock to place on the desk. Find one that has the times in other parts of the world. Very useful if the person has to contact other countries.


If the person uses lots of books in their job then buy some bookends to keep the books tidy. They may like to use them to keep the files they are working on tidy.

Letter Opener

Many to choose from and they do save the fingers from those painful paper cuts you sometimes receive.

Magnetic Sculptures

Intriguing and fun to play with when you have a spare minute or two.

Sand timers

Sand timers come in many sizes. Start a collection and buy different ones so that your spouse has timers ranging from 30 seconds to an hour or longer.

Valentine Banner 2012

Desk Toys

These range from stress balls, to tiny skateboards, to gadgets that plug into the USB port of a PC.

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