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Unique 6th Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Wooden


wooden jewelry box


There is a large selection of wooden items for unique 6th year wedding anniversary gifts. Wooden gifts represent this anniversary in the modern list.

We hope these suggestions will help you...

Wooden Games

Games are often made of wood. The different types of wood available make it very suitable for producing the contrast required in color for the many different pieces in some games.

Unique 6th Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Wooden Pen Sets

Purchase a pen and pencil set made of wood for him and maybe a matching one for her.

Wood Photo Frame

Plenty of different wooden photo frames available. Choose one to match the type of wood used in their furniture.

Wooden Flowers

wooden flowers


Give your spouse a bouquet of wooden flowers. No maintenance required, so they will certainly last the year until you replace them with 7th anniversary flowers.

russian doll


Wooden Russian Dolls

Purchase a Russian doll set for the couple celebrating their anniversary. There are many to choose from including ones that depict animals rather than people.

Valentine Banner 2012

Wooden Jewelry Box

Buy a jewelry box and place something in the box to make it special. Many types of wood are used in making the boxes. Some of which have pieces of different colored woods laid in them. This is known as marquetry.

Facts about Wood

Wood is derived from woody plants, mainly trees but may also be shrubs. A tree increases in size by the formation of new woody material between the old wood and the inner bark. This is known as a growth ring and the age of the tree can be determined by the number of rings the tree has as in general one is added annually.

Wood has been used for thousands of years for many purposes. Fuel is one of its primary uses. It is also used for making tools, furniture, artwork and as a material used in construction.

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