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Unique 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Appliances




Choosing those unique 4th wedding anniversary gifts could prove fun depending on what you opt for. It is traditional to give an appliance as a gift on this anniversary in the modern list.

We hope these suggestions will help you...

Unique 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Rotisserie and BBQ

Enjoy the out of doors by purchasing a rotisserie and BBQ to entertain your friends in the summer months. A lot of pleasure to be had by all.

Espresso and Tea Maker

For all those coffee lovers, buy an espresso maker. If your spouse prefers tea then purchase one that makes both. There are also many different tastes and strengths of coffee to try. Purchase a couple of different ones to go with the gift.

coffee maker

Coffee Maker

Purchase the couple a traditional Italian coffee maker. Most coffee makers are suitable for all heat sources except induction. Purchase several different kinds of coffee beans for the couple to try.

Kettle Grill

Another idea for getting you out into the garden on those long hot summer evenings. A pleasant way to relax and enjoy an evening meal with a glass of wine.

Bread Maker

Enjoy freshly made bread every day. Experiment to come up with some unusual flavors. Have a buffet and invite lots of your friends to try different homemade breads.

Valentine Banner 2012


The one you gave as a wedding present probably needs replacing by now! Check out the latest in toaster and find one that will suit the lifestyle of the couple you intend to purchase the gift for. There are toasters that will toast sandwiches and others that toast buns. Giving plenty of choice for that unique gift.

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