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Unique 13th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Textiles


pile of textiles


Choosing a textile for those unique 13th wedding anniversary gifts is unusual. Textiles are the gifts from the modern anniversary list. They are often very personal so should be chosen with care.

We hope these suggestions will help you...


Why not buy the happy couple a set of cushions for their home? These could either be for a bedroom or a lounge. Scatter cushions often help to make a place look more comfortable.


These are a personal choice. You may decide to buy something for the home between the two of you rather than individual gifts.


Buy each other clothing for this wedding anniversary. Lots to choose from and you may decide on some new clothing for your summer vacation.


Buy a nice throw to cover a piece of furniture. If you are lucky to have more than one you will be able to change them on a regular basis. This will give the room a fresh look from time to time. Throws make unique 13th wedding anniversary gifts.

Embroidered Pictures

Often antique these make an unusual textile gift. Have a look at the types of pictures the couple already have and buy accordingly.

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Unique 13th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Rugs

Take a vacation to a country were you can purchase a rug for a floor or even hang on the wall. Enjoy your anniversary and have something to remember it by.

Facts about Textiles

A textile is a material comprised of flexible natural or artificial fibers. It is formed by using several methods including weaving, knitting, crocheting, knotting, or pressing fibers together.

The production of textiles is an important part of life today. Many items found in the home today have textiles incorporated into them. For example tablecloths, clothing, curtains, cushions, bags, carpets and many other items.

Textiles may be made from a variety of materials. There are four main sources: plant, mineral, synthetic and animal.

Plant textiles include ones made from sisal, rush, hemp, straw, bamboo, cotton, rice and many many more. These materials are turned into items such as ropes, paper, clothing, doormats and hats.

Mineral textiles include glass fiber, metal fiber, metal wire, asbestos and basalt fiber. Items made from these materials include jewelry, fire blankets and stage curtains, ironing board covers and spacesuits.

Synthetic materials are often made from polymers. These are then made into clothing such as rain wear, swim wear and nylon ropes.

Animal textiles are more commonly made from hair or fur. Wool is the hair gathered from the domesticated sheep or goat. Silk is made form the fibers of the cocoon of the Chinese silkworm. These materials are made into clothing, rugs, carpets, tapestries and blankets.

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