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bouquet of lilies

Top tips to help purchasing gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas easier and less stressful.



Birthday Cards

birthday cards

Ever forgotten someones birthday, how embarrassing. Here's away to remember them all. Buy all your cards at the beginning of the year and in the top right hand corner were the stamp goes with small writing write the date and the person it is for. When it is time to send the card hide what you have written with the stamp or an attractive sticker. Or you may wish to use one of the folders that are available specially for birthday and anniversary cards. Write the person under the month where their anniversary or birthday occurs and place the card in the special envelope provided. Keep a few spare cards at the back for emergencies.

Christmas, Anniversary and Birthday Presents

pile of gifts Start buying your Christmas Gifts in the January Sales, this will mean you get better presents for the amount you wish to spend on each person. Always have a shelf or two in a cupboard dedicated for gifts. Make a note of the gifts you have purchased and who they are suitable for. This will make it easier later when making your final decision. Print of the birthday and anniversary chart to make it easier to keep track of all those special dates. I keep mine on the side of the fridge where everyone can see it and use it if required.

Top Tip For Christmas Cards

Place a mark on your address book next to all the people you wish to send cards. If you receive a card from someone new remember to make a note so that you are able to send one in future years.

Wrapping Gifts

wrapped gift

Always allow plenty of time to wrap the gift as this is an important part when giving and receiving the gift. Think of original ways in which you could wrap the gift. Use the colors associated with the birthday or anniversary. If you are able to add the flower that has a special meaning for that anniversary or birthday, then it will make the gift special.

This must be one of my favorite 'top tips' as I have found it so useful over past few years. Use the 'freedom' knot to tie the bows on your gifts. The knot is less likely to come undone. You can also use this knot on your shoes. No more bending down in the middle of the street to re-tie them. About 4 years ago my husband told me that he had found the answer to the problem and he taught me the 'freedom knot'. Ever since that day I have tied my laces this way and only rarely have they come undone, usually after I have sat with my legs crossed under a table or chair.


blue hydrangea

Ever wondered why when you buy a blue hydrangea it changes to pink, this is due to the soil type. Acid soils will maintain the blue color, but if you have a neutral soil type the hydrangea will become pale cream. Pink or purple flowers are produced when the soil is alkaline. Often a good garden center will sell feeds to keep the color of your plant.


How To Look After Cut Roses


Roses are notorious for drooping soon after purchase, this is due to an air bubble forming just below the head of the rose. Top tips to stop this happening would be to try to keep the length of time they are out of water to a minimum and as soon as you get them home cut the stems under water at an angle, this increases the surface area for the intake of water. Placing the roses in warm, even hot water will also help to stop the heads from drooping. If you run out of plant food try using lemonade(not the sugar free variety though) this will help prolong the life of the flowers.


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