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Star Sign Birthstone


Star sign birthstone image - Zodiac Signs

There has always been a fascination with the star sign birthstone and the connection with people and their birthdays. When you are born decides which birth sign you fall into. If you are born on the cusp of a sign then you may display characteristics of both signs. The cusp is the first 5 degrees (approximately 5 days before and 5 days after) when the new Star Sign is coming into being and the old one is ending. We have put together a chart showing the star sign, birthstone and the dates they cover.

We hope this chart will give you some unique gift ideas for star sign gifts. We have more gift suggestions on our birthstone by month and anniversary pages so please take a look.

Star Sign Birthstones

Zodiac Sign Birthstone Date
Aries Bloodstone March 21 - April 20
Taurus Sapphire April 21 - May 21
Gemini Agate May 22 - June 21
Cancer Emerald June 22 - July 23
Leo Onyx July 24 - August 23
Virgo Carnelian August 24 - September 23
Libra Peridot / Aventurine September 24 - October 23
Scorpio Beryl October 24 - November 22
Sagittarius Topaz November 23 - December 21
Capricorn Ruby December 22 - January 20
Aquarius Garnet January 21 - February 19
Pisces Amethyst February 20 - March 20

Below we have given you a few gift suggestions for each star sign. We have also created links from the chart to other birthstone pages containing more star sign birthstone gift ideas.aries star sign


The star sign birthstone for this month is a bloodstone. Bloodstone also called heliotrope and is dark green with red spots. It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. If you get this type of stone wet then the polish will be removed. Bloodstone is found in Australia, Brazil, China, India, and the USA. When buying bloodstone jewelry gifts you should pick a piece that is not easily damaged such as cuff links for men or a brooch for a woman.


Sapphire is the Taurus zodiac star sign birthstone. Purchase CDs or DVDs with sapphire in their title. Look out for bouquets that are light blue, blue and pink in color. These make ideal gifts for someone you may have just met. Jewelry is also available in many styles including earrings, rings, brooches, pendants, tie pins and cuff links.


The star sign birthstone of Gemini is the agate. This is a naturally striped form of chalcedony quartz of various colors and textures. Agate was highly valued in ancient times as a talisman or amulet. As agate comes in many colors you can choose the best color for your gift. Coasters made from agate make a good gift as they will last a long time. Team it with a bottle wine if you wish to spend more money. There are lots of different bracelets to choose from in many different colors. Pick one in the favorite color of the person you are buying for. Agate is also used to make cameo brooches. These can be on the more expensive side but would make a unique gift for someone as there would not be another the same.


The emerald is the zodiac star sign birthstone for this month. Books, CDs and DVDs with emerald in their title make ideal gifts for men. You could treat your spouse to a vacation to the Emerald Isles (Ireland). There are lots of different jewelry pieces to choose from including rings, pendants and cuff links.


The onyx is Leo's birthstone. Onyx is a form of chalcedony quartz. It is usually found as white bands or ribbons set against a black or brown background and this variety is known as sardonyx. Onyx that is totally black is known as black onyx. On the Mohs scale of hardness the onyx measures around 6.5 - 7. Gifts that can be found in onyx include jewelry inset with black onyx which is often carved. If it has been carved then you should check that it is black onyx as substitute materials may be used. You can also get chess boards and figurines made out of onyx. Also available are trinket boxes and vases.


Carnelian (cornelian) is a red or reddish-brown variant of chalcedony and is the star sign birthstone for Virgo. Carnelian is derived from the Latin word meaning horn. In Roman times it was used in signet or seal rings for imprinting using wax as a security seal on correspondence or other important documents Carnelian red is the name of the official color used in Campbell's soup decor and of Cornell University. Carnelian is the name of a red wine grape variety and also the main character in 'The Stone Dance of the Chameleon' trilogy. Look out for gifts of books with carnelian in the title. You will find several different styles of necklace and pendants.


Peridot and aventurine are both used as star sign birthstone for the zodiac sign Libra. Aventurine is a form of quartz characterized by its translucency and has a shimmering or glistening effect known as aventurescence. The most common color of aventurine is green but may also be found in brown, orange, gray, blue or yellow. The hardness of aventurine on the Mohs scale is about 6.5. Jewelry made from peridot and aventurine stones are very easily found and you should be able to find something to suit the person you are buying for. We have more peridot gifts on our birthstone page for August.

scorpio star sign


Beryl has a hardness of 7.5 - 8 with a glass like luster and can be transparent or translucent. Pure beryl is colorless but it is often tinted by impurities. Possible colors for beryl are green (emerald), blue (aquamarine), yellow (golden beryl), red (bixbite or red or scarlet emerald) and pink beryl (morganite). Red beryl is extremely rare and is rarely used in jewelry as the crystals it forms are very small. For the perfect gift you should check the persons favorite color and buy jewelry to match it as you have various types of beryl to choose from. If you want to spend less why not look out for books etc. with beryl in their title or who have the author Beryl?


Sagittarius has the birthstone topaz. Jewelry is available for unique gifts and we have several more suggestion on our birthstone page.


The ruby is the gemstone for Capricorn. You can choose from a variety of gifts ranging from the color ruby such as a bouquet of flowers to jewelry containing a ruby or two. There are more suggestions on our anniversary page for the 40th anniversary.

aquarius star sign


The zodiac sign Aquarius is represented by the garnet. For him you could buy a tie pin and cuff link set and for her you could buy a ring or earrings set with garnets. It is also possible to buy garnet colored flowers for the birthday girl or a bottle of red wine for the birthday boy. We have more gifts of garnet on our birthstone month for January.


Amethyst is the star sign birthstone for Pisces and also the birthstone month of February. Amethyst gifts could include jewelry or books, CDs and DVDs with amethyst in their title.

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