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Seventh Anniversary Gifts - Wool


Woolen Gloves


Choosing seventh anniversary gifts could prove to be very challenging. Items of either wool and copper are traditionally given in the USA and Britain.


We hope these suggestions will help you...

Woolen Flowers

woollen roses

Purchase a bouquet with the flower heads made of wool. By clicking on this link you will be able to view roses which are made using wool for the flower heads.

Woolen Clothing For Seventh Anniversary Gifts

How about buying his and hers clothing. Items of Fair Isle knitwear may be just the unique seventh wedding gifts you are looking for.

Holiday to New Zealand

Treat yourselves to a holiday in New Zealand. Visit a farm to see the Merino sheep being sheared to obtain the valuable wool

Woolen Phone Cases

You may be able to find a knitted phone case suitable as a present. If you are able to knit you might like to design and knit one yourself. Very personal and very unique if you can.

Valentine Banner 2012

Knitted Clothing

Create your own his and her gift by knitting similar jumpers for the happy couple. There are lots of patterns to choose from. Pick a pattern that you know you will be able to complete in the time you have given yourself to knit them.

Interesting Facts About Wool

Wool is the fiber obtained from the fur of sheep and goats (although the hair of other animals may also be known as wool). One of the finest types of wool is obtained from the Merino sheep. Because wool has a natural crimp in its fiber it makes the fabrics produced much bulkier. This helps to retain air and thus helps to retain heat. Wool clothes can also be used to keep the heat out.

Wool is a valuable source of lanolin which is used for water resistant clothing and also used in cosmetics.

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