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Oak Anniversary Gift Ideas


oak tree and acorns


An oak anniversary gift is given for any couple lucky to celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary and there are a few. Oak is the material associated with this anniversary and there are many gifts of differing prices.


We hope the following suggestions will help...

Personalized Oak Trays

It is possible to buy personalized trays. Have one engraved with the date of their anniversary.

Oak Vases

oak vase

Purchase the couple an oak vase oak vase with artificial roses or flowers to go it. This makes an ideal gift for a couple who may not be able to carry heavy vases full of water.


Oak Bookends

Bookends are often made from wood and you are able to find them made out of oak. Some pieces are more expensive as they are made from wood retrieved from old ships or very old trees.

Oak Anniversary Gift Coasters

Made from oak these make a nice gift for the older person who may enjoy a nightcap before retiring to bed.

Oak Wine Bottle Coaster

Purchase a wine bottle coaster along with the coasters to create a very special gift for this important and often unique anniversary

Carved Acorn Keyring

A suitable gift might be a keyring made from oak. You are able to find these in the shape of acorns or oak leaves.

Valentine Banner 2012

Photo Frames

A gift of an oak photo frame containing a photo of the couple on their anniversary would make an ideal gift. Or a photo of all the grandchildren and great grandchildren would also be perfect for this occasion.

The Oak Tree

There are around 600 species of the oak and it is a native of the northern hemisphere. The fruit of the oak is the acorn and this is a nut.

The oak tree can live for many hundreds of years and there are many fine examples of such trees around the world.

The wood from the oak has been harvested over the centuries and used in many industries. These include ship building, oak barrels for storing alcohol, furniture and building construction. The bark of some oaks is also a suitable source of tannin for the leather industry.

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