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Golden Wedding Anniversary - Gold


Rings and Roses

Looking for a golden wedding gift (50th wedding anniversary), there are lots out there. It is traditional to give gold on this anniversary. Gold is also given on the 14th anniversary in the modern list.


We hope these suggestions will help you...

Gold Flowers

gold roses


Buy a gold rose. A real rose that has been dipped in 24k gold. This would make a wonderful golden wedding anniversary gift. Take a look at this link to view roses made from gold ribbon suitable for this anniversary.



Golden Wedding Jewelry

For him buy tie pins and cuff links to match. There are also lots of rings to choose from. For her you might choose a necklace, bracelet or ring. Consider having a favorite photograph place on a piece of jewelry for this special day. Click on the link below to find out more.

Gold Flower Bouquet

Buy a bouquet of gold or yellow colored flowers. Place in a nice vase so that the couple do not need to think about arranging them straight away.


Look around for gold colored vases. Place some flowers in the vase to make it different.

Engraved Glass

Why not buy the happy couple a glass bowl? Have it engraved with their names and date of their wedding anniversary.

Dinner Service

Treat yourselves to a new one that is trimmed with gold. After 50 years of marriage the old must need replacing.

Send Chocolates to USA


Celebrate your golden wedding anniversary by purchasing a box of chocolates. They may be in a gold box or each chocolate may have been decorated with gold leaf.

Facts For The Element Gold

Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au (the Latin for aurum) and the atomic number 79.

Gold is a highly prized metal used for thousands of years as money, and made into jewelry. Gold occurs as nuggets or grains in rocks and in sediment deposits. It is a soft, shiny, yellow, dense and malleable. Modern industrial uses include dentistry and electronics. Gold used in dentistry is widely regarded as the safest form of restorative material, as well as the most successful.

Gold forms the basis for a monetary standard used by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

It is the most malleable metal known, a single gram can be beaten into a sheet of one square meter, or an ounce into 300square feet.

Pure gold (24k) is too soft for ordinary use and is hardened by adding metals such as silver, copper, and other metals to form an alloy. These alloys are then often used in jewelery, and as a standard for monetary exchange in various countries. When selling gold in the form of jewelery, it is measured in carats (k). A lower "k" value indicates a higher percent of copper or silver mixed into the alloy, 9k would be 9 parts gold to 15 parts copper or silver, with copper being the more commonly used metal of the two.

Since prehistoric times gold has been known and highly valued. It may have been the first metal used by man and was valued for ornamentation and rituals. Egyptians have been using gold from as early as 2600bc. Gold is also mentioned several times in the Old Testament.

Because of its historically high value, much of the gold mined throughout history is still in circulation in one form or another.

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