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Great Gift Wrapping Ideas


Silver gift with rose

Thinking of new gift wrapping ideas can be a chore, or it can be fun with a little bit of creativity and practice. On this page we will give you some gift wrapping ideas for decorating presents in unusual and unique ways. So when you are sitting next to your pile of gifts for wrapping then you can apply some skill and artistry and deliver something special.

Before we start here is a checklist of what you might need:

Gift Wrapping Checklist

  • Wrapping paper. You can choose color scheme where the ribbon and paper matches, or you could just see what happens with you combinations.
  • Ribbons. You can buy pre-folded ribbons if you like, but later we will show you how to create your own
  • Sticky tape or glue. You can get tape dispensers that fit onto your wrist and dispense pre-cut tape when you need it. This makes wrapping so much easier.
  • Scissors. Make sure these are sharp.
  • Name Tags. These are a necessity when you have many gifts to wrap. Apply them immediately so you know what belongs to whom.
  • Bows, confetti etc. Or anything else that you might like to use in your wrapping (see below)

When you are wrapping gifts there are a few basic rules to follow:

Gift Wrapping Basics

  • Have a suitably sized piece of wrapping paper
  • Cut the wrapping paper to the correct size
  • Ensure you pull the wrapping paper tight
  • Have your sticky tape or glue ready
  • You can fold over any ragged edges and stick them down

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Brown Paper and Tartan

This is a simple wrapping scheme that looks great. The brown paper provides a perfect background for a bright tartan ribbon. You could try using other plain papers and ribbon colors.

Brown paper and tartan ribbon

Flat Ribbon

This type of wrapping is very clean and when done with matching metallic and plain papers can look very sophisticated. You could further embellish the wrapping with a fresh flower. A single rose looks very effective

Gift Gold Purple Wrap

Contrasting Colors

You can make your gifts stand out by using very bright contrasting colors such as bright pinks, metallic or gloss colors. You could try to make the colors match. If you want to be really fancy you could use a color wheel to help you. Or just have fun. If the colors are way out then at least they will remember your gift.

Gift Blue Pink Bow Wrap

Sports Colors

Here is an unusual gift wrapping idea - wrap the present in sports colors. This is especially appropriate if the gift is connected to the sport, such as a baseball glove or soccer ball.

Finishing Touches

A Surprise Inside

Try placing confetti inside the wrapping so that it will spill out as the gift is opened. For specific birthday or event you can purchase metallic confetti with appropriate words and numbers.
If you do not want to get confetti mixed with the gift then you could double wrap the gift. Just ensure that the confetti is easy to clean up and will not cause any damage.

Extra Decoration

You could use plain paper and then stencil or print designs onto the paper. This works especially well if you allow a child to 'potato' print the wrapping paper for a gift (just be careful that the gift is not destroyed by the process!).

You could attach plastic spiders or similar small objects to the wrapping. Again be careful that the items can do no harm or damage.

Obviously there are many types of ribbons, cards, flowers and such like that you can add to gift.

Knots and Bows for Parcels (and Shoes!)

The following link Ian's Shoelace Knots will take you to a site which seems to have everything you might ever want to know about tying shoelaces. Some of the shoelace knots can be used for bows when tying parcels. The Freedom Knot is often used for tying a bow on a Teddy Bear.
As promised on the homepage we recommend it as the best knot for securing your shoelaces!

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