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First Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Clocks


Choosing a clock for those first year wedding anniversary gifts is unusual. A clock is the gift from the modern anniversary gift list. So if neither cotton nor paper gifts are suitable then a clock is a great choice.

Wrap the gift in paper made from cotton and this would also cover the traditional gifts given for the 1st year by both the US and British anniversary lists.

We hope the suggestions below will help you...

Travel Clocks

Especially useful if the couple are going on vacation or are frequent travelers. You can get travel clocks that show the temperature as well as the time. Useful so that they can tell everyone how hot it was whilst away.
These would also make great first year wedding anniversary gifts for a second honeymoon.

Novelty Clocks For First Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

There are many novelty clocks on the market that are based on TV shows, toys or films. There are clocks that have the logo of a sports team. Also available are clocks that speak the time, or that project the time onto a wall or ceiling.

Radio Controlled Clocks

These are particularly suitable for those people who like things perfect. This type of clock will synchronize itself with a time signal and so it is self correcting.

Antique Clocks

Possibly as investments as well as first year wedding anniversary gifts. You will need to exercise care when purchasing a gift such as this. You may need to decide to buy it because they will like it and not necessarily because it may increase in value. You may want to take professional advice and go to a reputable dealer. The couple will also want to consider insuring the item if it is of considerable value.

Wall and Kitchen Clocks

A very practical and useful gift. These are available in many styles. Some are styled after ships clocks or clocks from railway stations. These too are available in radio controlled models.

Mantel Clocks

These make a great centerpiece for a hearth or fireplace. The right clock in the right place can can bring a room to life and make an interesting talking point as well.

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Free Standing Clocks

These are also called Grandfather or Longcase clocks. They are particularly suitable for hallways and larger rooms. This type of clock may be a major purchase, so you should consider whether it fits with the design and decor of the couples dwelling.

Clocks Facts

There are devices that measure the passage of time using candles or water, but clocks are generally mechanically driven devices for telling the time. It is thought that the first mechanical clocks were used in monasteries to call the monks to prayer and probably did not have hands. The first public clock that struck the hours was made and erected in Milan in 1335.

Galileo noticed the time keeping abilities of a pendulum in the 1580s and the Dutch astronomer and physicist Christiaan Huygens was responsible for them being used in clocks from the mid 1650s onwards.

In 1929 Quartz was first used for timekeeping. A quartz crystal vibrates at 100,000 hertz and its vibrations are so regular that an accurate, scientific quartz clock can be accurate to within 1 second in 10 years.

Atomic clocks measure the time based on the the frequencies emitted by certain radioactive substances. In 1967 the second was defined as: the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the cesium-133 atom.

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