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Christmas Hints and Tips


Xmas tree baubles


This section contains some Christmas hints and ideas about how to manage at Christmas to make sure that the festive season goes smoothly.


Cards and last posting

If you are sending Christmas cards then be sure that you post them so that the recipient will receive them for Christmas. This is particularly important if you are sending cards to another country. If you are sending cards to people far away them consider including a short letter. You will need to check the cost if you do send something extra. Its nice to keep in touch.

Last ordering dates on Internet sites

If you are ordering gifts using the Internet then be sure to order in time for Christmas. Most sites will clearly display the last dates you can buy and still guarantee delivery. Ideal for those people that give you Christmas hints to near to Xmas.

Make a List...

Making a Christmas gift list is a good idea, particularly if you are on a budget. Make a list of the people you would like to give gifts to. Assign each a 'guide amount' that you want to spend in total. You need not stick to this, but it will give you an idea of the overall cost. This is useful for those people who like to ensure that everyone gets an equal value of gift. As you collect items throughout the year, or just as you get ideas, you can note these on the list. Once you have saved the required amount of money or have an appropriate coupon or voucher then you can purchase the gift. Of course this does not stop you buying the 'Perfect Thing' when you see it. But you may think about it a little more carefully if you already have a list. Here is a great Christmas hint - Check it twice!

Gifts for Partners

Xmas Couple

Some people find that it is useful to agree a limit for spending for partners. This avoids the occasion where one person has spent much more than the other and guilt might rear its head. It may be a good idea to spend only a small amount on personal gifts, but to spend a significant amount on a joint gift.

Examples might be large (but fun) purchases such as games consoles, gym memberships etc. Other examples might be holidays and 'Experiences' that the couple can enjoy together.

Small and Cheerful Gifts

It is easy to get carried away with the large number of expensive technological gifts that are available today. You might consider giving some small but entertaining gifts to provide a change of pace. There are many cheap gifts that children (and adults) will enjoy for around (or under) $10. Examples are coloring sets, small games, traditional toys such as 'jacks' or marbles, books, playing cards, quizzes, puzzles, small model kits etc. You could wrap these and put them into little piles on (or under) the tree. You might consider opening them at a different time from the main gifts. Children can get quite excited at their mystery gifts as they will not know quite what to expect.

Christmas Stockings

You might consider the small and cheerful gifts as gifts for Christmas Stockings. This is very traditional and adds some seasonal flavour to the occasion.

Gift Wrapping

Xmas Gifts

There are many ways to wrap gifts. You need to ensure you have enough supplies and time to do this. You may want to hide yourself away, play some good music and work through the business of making your carefully chosen surprises look their best.

This site has a page specifically intended to help with gift wrapping.

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