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Not So Cheap Gifts For Pets


Kittens and their pet gifts

Not so cheap gifts for pets may form part of the family budget, as pet animals are often considered very much part of the family. Their owners will often celebrate their birthdays, along with including them in the Christmas gift list. Many pet owners will go to great lengths to ensure that their animal is not left out on such occasions.

We hope these suggestions will help you...

Personalized Pet Cushion

Suitable for both a cat and a dog, pet cushions come in all shapes and sizes. The cushions may also be personalized with the pets name when purchased. This is often done for free.

Dog and Cat Collars

Collars are made from many different materials so choose the one that will best suit your animal. It may not be a good idea to have the name of the animal on the collar, as another person will be able to befriend the pet by using the name displayed on it.

Porait of a dog

Pet Portrait

This is a gift more for the owner than the pet. Some artist will for a small fee paint a picture of the animal and frame it for you to give as a gift. A cheaper way of doing this would be to take your own photo. Then turn it into a framed print. Special programs on the computer enable you to turn them into pictures that look like oil paintings or old sepia wash prints.

Dog 'T' Shirt

Buy your dog a 't' shirt. There are many different styles available and the top is designed with the variety of dog in mind.

Cheap Gifts For Pets - Scratching Post

An ideal gift for your cat and should ensure your furniture won't be ruined. These posts come in all shapes and sizes and often have objects for the cat to play with hanging from various parts of the structure.

Play Bags

These are designed for cats and have tunnels for the animals to run through. Lots of fun for the cat especially if it is one that has to be kept indoors. These bags are often designed so that the cat is also able to sleep in it.

Hamster Balls

Give the hamster the run of the room by purchasing it a ball to run around in. This will mean that it is getting plenty of exercise away from the cage. Some balls have outer casings such as a car or a fairytale carriage. These balls make cheap gifts for pets.

Hamster Cages

Treat your hamster to a new cage. There are some very elaborate designs to choose from and many will give the hamster many hours of fun.

Bath Robes For Dogs

A not so cheap gift for pets are bath robes. These robes are available so that after giving the dog a bath you are able to wrap it in its very own bath robe. You may also be able to get the robe embroidered with the animals name.

Food Gifts

Purchase a variety of food goodies for your pet. These food items make good cheap gifts for pets.

Fish Gifts

Look for different items to put in the tank. There are rocks that have caves or tunnels in them. The fish are then able to play in amongst the rocks and swim in and out of the holes. There are also many varieties of plants on sale in a vast array of colors. Buy a few to brighten up the tank and if you have enough swap them about every now and again.

ragdoll kittens and gifts

Christmas Gifts

Many retailers produce Christmas stockings ready filled with food items and soft toys suitable for the type of pet you have. Or you may wish to produce your own by collecting items over the year to go in the stocking. At least you will know that the food will get eaten and the toys might be played with.

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