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Birthstone Month May - Emerald


emerald ring


The gem for the birthstone month of May is the emerald.

The emerald also represents the 55th wedding anniversary.


We hope these suggestions will help you...


Look out for books that have 'emerald' in the title. One book that might be suitable as a gift could be 'Emerald' by Karen Wallace. Or 'Emerald' by Elisabeth Luard may be another book that might be given as a present.


Emerald jewelry can be found in many designs. Ranging from earrings for women to cuff links for men.


Look out for DVDs with emerald in their title. Maybe buy a film about the Ireland - the Emerald Isle.

Vases in Emerald

Buy an emerald colored vase and place some flowers in it. As the vase is green had a few colors when choosing the flowers.

Emerald Green Space Pen

An emerald green space pen would make a nice gift for either a man or woman. Or you could consider a pen and pencil set in green.

Emerald Colored Flowers

Purchase a bouquet of exotic emerald colored flowers. Or you could buy some emerald colored bushes to go in the garden.

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Birthstone Month May - Emerald CDs

Look out for CDs with emerald in their title. Or buy a CD with Irish music on it. You will be able to find a few with emerald in the title.

Vacation to Ireland

Arrange a holiday to Southern Ireland, otherwise known as the Emerald Isle. Purchase a DVD to remember the holiday.

Information on Emeralds

Emeralds are a variety of the mineral beryl and come in many shades of green and bluish green. They are colored green by small traces of chromium or sometimes iron. Emeralds are highly prized gemstones and by weight are the most valuable gemstone in the world, imperfections in all emeralds lessens their value.

Most of the finest emeralds come from a place near Bogotá, Columbia, South America where they are found in calcite veins. Others can be found in Brazil and the Ural Mountains.

Legend has it that the emerald has the power to protect the chastity of the wearer and to ward off evil spirits. It was also believed to cure epilepsy and dysentery, and to aid weak eyesight.

The emerald is the symbol of Pride and is the traditional gemstone for the astrological signs of Cancer and Taurus.

The emerald is the traditional gift for the 55th wedding anniversary.

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