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Birthstone and flower of each month

Diamond and Rose

When looking for the birthstone and flower of each month people often search for both birthstone and flowers by month e.g. February birthstone flower. We have put together a chart so you can see at a glance what the birthstone and flower of each month.


We hope this will help you when deciding on that unique gift by using the chart.

Below the chart we have given you a few gift suggestions for each month. You may also click on the links to view more gift suggestions for the given birthstone.

Birthstone And Flower Of Each Month

Month Birthstone with Alternative Flower Color
January Garnet Carnation / Snowdrop White
February Amethyst Violet / Primrose Violet
March Aquamarine / Bloodstone Jonquil (Daffodil) / Violet Yellow
April Diamond Sweetpea / Daisy Pink
May Emerald Lily of the Valley White
June Pearl / Alexandrite Rose / Honeysuckle Red
July Ruby Larkspur / Waterlily Pink
August Peridot / Sardonyx Gladioli / Poppy Yellow
September Sapphire Aster / Morning Glory Purple
October Opal Marigold Orange
November Topaz / Citrine Chrysanthemum Yellow
December Turquoise / Light Sapphire / Blue Topaz Narcissus / Holly White


Why not buy a gift of jewelry containing garnets? If you want to buy the person some flowers then pick out white carnations as this is the color for the month of January. Buy some snowdrops for the garden but not bulbs. It is always better to purchase these as plants.


Look out for books, CDs and DVDs with amethyst in the title. Buy a piece jewelry with an amethyst set in it. Purchase a pot of violets or primroses to be planted in the garden. The color for this month is violet so why not buy a bouquet in this color?


Bloodstone or aquamarine are the birthstones for this month so you have a choice when buying jewelry. If the gift is for a man you could buy some cuff links containing the stones. Daffodils should be in the shops to purchase so you could add a few to the gift. If the gift is big enough you could add a daffodil to the outside (see our gift wrapping page for details). Have a bouquet made up in this months color yellow. Do not mix jonquil (daffodils) with other flowers as they will kill them with the toxin they secrete.


Add a packet of sweet peas to the present or purchase a bouquet in pink. Buy a silver pendant set with diamonds. Often the diamonds are tiny but this would still make a lovely gift for someone.


When using the birthstone and flower of each month chart you will see that the flower is lily of the valley. Lily of the Valley perfumed toiletries make a lovely present for the older person. Emeralds are the birthstone for this month so for the man buy a tie pin and cuff links to match. Place them on a white shirt as this is the color for May.

red rose


Purchase a bouquet of red roses or a honeysuckle for the garden. Pearls are supposed to be unlucky if given as a gift so you may wish to check that the person you are giving them to is not superstitious. In the birthstone and flower of each month chart alexandrite is also used as this months birthstone so this could be given instead of a pearl gift.


If the person you are buying for has a pond then get them a pink waterlily to go in it. Very attractive when they come out each year. Look out for books and CDs with ruby in their title. These are ideal gifts for men.


Buy some yellow gladioli for the birthday girl or a bouquet of yellow flowers containing them. One of the birthstones for this month is sardonyx, a red/brown and white banded onyx which is made into a variety of jewelry pieces including earrings, rings, cuff links and pendants. Peridots may also be given for this birthstone month.


Purchase some jewelry set with sapphires such as earrings, pendants, rings and cuff links. Morning Glory plants are ideal for growing against walls and fences and give a lovely show of purple/blue flowers when in bloom. You could also buy a bouquet of purple flowers for the months color.



When checking the birthstone and flower of each month chart you see that the birthstone this month is an opal and the flower is a marigold. Here are a few gift suggestions with these in mind. Marigolds are orange/yellow but you will have to buy them as a packet of seeds at this time of year to be included with the gift. The opal is the October birthstone so you could organize a vacation to Australia to visit an opal mine. This would certainly be a birthday to remember.


Purchase jewelry in either citrine or topaz for this birthstone month. Chrysanthemums usually come in pots from the florist so pick out a nice healthy one with lots of buds still to come out. Yellow is the color for November.


There is plenty of choice for different stones set in jewelry for the month of December. Turquoise, blue topaz and light sapphire may all be used as birthstones for this month. This will allow you to pick out jewelry at the price you wish to pay. A bouquet of white carnations would also make a nice gift for a birthday in this month. Use a ribbon in blue to tie in with the color of the birthstones.

We have more gift suggestions on our birthstone and anniversary pages so please take a look. To find out more about the meanings of flowers take a look at the flower meanings chart by clicking through.

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