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Remember those special dates with this birthday and anniversary chart


With this birthday and anniversary chart there will be no more forgotten ones. Just fill in the names of the people you wish to remember and add the appropriate dates along with the gift you intend to give. If this is the case remember to place the list where nobody else will see it. If you purchase gifts in advance when the sales are on, this chart will give you a place to keep track of them and who they would be suitable for. Take a look through the pages of gifts and birthstones to give you unique gift ideas.

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Birthday And Anniversary Chart

Name Birthday Gift Anniversary Gift

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Once you have printed your chart you can complete it and put a copy in your bag so that you have it to hand when you are shopping for those unique gifts.

You can use the list of names for Christmas gifts. Or you may even want to use list to remember what gifts you have given previously.

You can use highlighters, colored pens, sticky labels etc. to brighten up the page. Also remember to take a copy of your list periodically. You don't want to lose the important information. The easiest way may be just to photocopy the page!


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