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Baby Gifts


Baby Gifts Image - Pink teddybear

Here are a selection of baby gifts to give you some unique ideas for those frequent baby showers and leaving gifts.

We hope the following suggestions will help you...

Essentials Basket

Find a suitable basket and fill it with all the essential items that the new mother will require. Items could include things like a bath and room thermometer, diapers, baby oil, wipes and many other things that are available. What ever you choose to place in the basket will make it unique.

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Moses Basket

Buy the happy couple a Moses basket and fill it with all the things a new baby might require. Clothes, toiletries, toys etc. will all be happily received as a baby will get through all of these items several times over. Include items for the parents as well as they are often forgotten at this happy time.

Bouquet of Roses

Purchase a bouquet of paper roses in pink for a girl or blue for a boy. A nice memento to keep. Click on this link to find out how to purchase the flowers.

Baby Gifts - Photo Album

Give the couple a photo album in which to place all those photos they have taken with the new digital camera. You don't want to have to get the computer out every time you wish to boast about the baby.


A keep sake of the first day the baby was born and these also make ideal baby gifts that will be interesting later. When the child is older they will be able to look through the papers to see what happened in the world on the day they were born.

Digital Camera

Purchase a digital camera so that the parents are able to take plenty of photos as the baby grows.

Flowers and Champagne

Why not treat the happy couple to a bouquet of pink or blue flowers and a bottle of champagne to wet the baby's head? Buy a small gift for the baby such as a photo frame. You could suggest they keep the champagne for a special occasion if the mother is breast feeding.

Photo Frame

Purchase a photo frame or a number of them so that the baby's photo may be placed in it. If you buy more than one then the couple will be able to use them to show the baby changing over the first year. Photographs that you have taken and placed in a special frame make ideal baby gifts for later.

Soft Toys

You might like to buy the new baby some soft toys. Check that they meet the standard required for this age group. If it is for a slightly older child make sure you explain this to the parents when giving it.

Keepsake Box

Supply the couple with an empty keep sake box so they can create their own with all of baby gifts they have received. You may wish to fill one yourself with items that represent the year and the day the baby was born. Items could include coins, newspapers, books, the number one album etc.

Set of Coins

Purchase a set of coins minted in the year of the birth. Baby gifts such as these may even increase in value as the child grows.


Buy a locket for the mother to put a photo and a piece of the baby's hair in. This is a lovely keep sake that can be passed on to the child when they come of age or get married.

Baby Casting Kit

With this kit the parents will be able to cast the baby's feet and/or their hands and turn them into high quality stone. Most kits contain enough material to make three statuettes at different stages of infancy.

Hand and Foot Print Kit

Purchase a kit to make an impression of the baby's feet and hands you will be able to repeat this as many times as you like throughout their childhood. Keep the impressions in a keepsake box.


Treat the mother to a basket of her favorite toiletries. After all she is the one who has done all the work.

Baby Clothes

Purchase baby clothes in varying sizes as the babies soon grow out of the first size. Think about the time of year the child is going to wear the clothing and choose accordingly.


Get the baby into the reading habit early by starting them on a classic library. These books could include nursery rhymes, short stories and fairy tales. There is nothing like a good adventure to get a child interested in reading.

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