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Anniversary Gemstones, Flowers and Colors

morning glory

 We have put together a chart showing the wedding anniversary gemstones, flower, and color for some of the more popular anniversaries. There are many versions of the chart available, so the following one is only a guide to help you find that unique gift for a special occasion.


Use the chart to find the wedding gemstones, flowers or colors, then decide on the ideal anniversary gift. Combine the flower with the color, or the gemstone with the color to give the anniversary gift more meaning. An explanation may be required if your choice of gift is an idea taken from the chart below.

Anniversary Gemstones, Flowers and Colors

Anniversary Gemstone Flower Color
1st Peridot / Mother of Pearl Pansy Papyrus Yellow
2nd Red Garnet Cosmos Linen White
3rd Jade / Pearl Fuchsia Fawn
4th Blue Zircon / Blue Topaz Geranium Green
5th Pink Tourmaline / Sapphire Daisy Turquoise
6th Turquoise / Amethyst Calla Lily White
7th Yellow Sapphire / Onyx / Golden Beryl Jack-in-the-Pulpit Off White
8th Tanzanite / Tourmaline Clematis Bronze
9th Amethyst / Lapis Lazuli / Green Spinel Poppy Terracotta
10th Blue Sapphire / Diamond Daffodil Silver
11th Citrine / Turquoise / Yellow Zircon Morning Glory Turquoise
12th Opal / Jade Peony Oyster White
13th Moonstone / Citrine / Hawk's Eye Hollyhock White
14th Agate / Opal / Bloodstone Dahlia Ivory
15th Rhodolite / Ruby / Alexandrite Rose Ruby Red
20th Yellow Diamond / Emerald Day Lily Emerald Green/White
25th Tsavorite Iris Silver
30th Pearl Sweet Pea Green
35th Emerald none Coral
40th Cat's Eye / Ruby Nasturtium Ruby red
50th Imperial Topaz Violet Gold
55th Alexandrite none Emerald Green
60th Star Ruby / Diamond none Diamond White
65th Blue Spinel / Star Sapphire none Sky Blue
70th Smoky Quartz / Sapphire none Platinum
75th Diamond none Diamond White

agate necklace

Click on the gemstone of your chosen year to find suitable gifts. By clicking on the flower that is associated with the anniversary it will take you to a page that gives you the meaning of it.

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