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Agate Anniversary Gemstone


agate gemstone


The agate anniversary gemstone represents the 14th wedding anniversary. Also representing this anniversary are the opal and bloodstone. Giving you a wider range of gifts to choose from if you combine all three stones.

We hope the following suggestions will help...

Tea light Holder

Some of the larger pieces of agate are transformed into tea light holders. If the tea light candle is not included you will be able to purchase them at a very reasonable price. The candles may be perfumed, so pick ones that will suit the couple you are buying the gift for. If you are not sure about getting scented then you would be better off getting none perfumed candles.

Agate Globe Clock

Why not treat the couple to a clock made in the form of a globe and decorated with black agate. The globe also incorporates a clock so you are able to see the time every time you take a look.

Agate Anniversary Gemstone Jewelry

Agate is often made into rings for men and the smaller pieces may be made into more delicate pieces for women. You are able to buy beautiful pieces of agate which has been carved to form cameo brooches and pendents. Bracelets are also available often with other stones intermingled. Create your own jewelry by purchasing strings of agate beads and combine these with the gemstones opal and bloodstone, which also represent the 14th wedding anniversary.

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Many books to choose from with the word agate in the title. One such book is 'On Agate Hill' a novel by Lee Smith. Another is 'The Nine-Eyed Agate'. A book of poems and stories by Jangbu, translated into English by Heather Stoddard


Some times the pieces of agate are large enough to be cut into bookends and other ornaments with a functional purpose. The agate is cut in two and polished to give two perfectly matching bookends.

Agate Facts

Agate mostly occurs as nodules in volcanic rocks. The nodules then become filled partially or wholly by siliceous matter, which is then deposited in regular layers on the walls. When cut transversely the agate shows a succession of parallel lines. This gives agate its banded appearance. These stones are known as striped or banded agate.

Today agate may be made into jewelry or used as decorative ends for paper knives. Industry uses varieties of agate to make functional items such as inkstands and seals.

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