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Yellow Sapphire Anniversary Gemstone


yellow sapphire ring

The Yellow Sapphire anniversary gemstone is the one that represents 7 years of marriage. This gemstone is very difficult to find unusual gifts for.


We hope the following suggestions will help...

Yellow Sapphire Colored Perfume Bottle

For the lady consider purchasing a perfume bottle with a yellow color to it. They are often described as being yellow sapphire colored glass. Find out if the person has a favorite perfume and buy this to gin the bottle.

Yellow Sapphire Anniversary Gemstone Jewelry

Yellow sapphire make very delicate pieces of jewelry and very different to the blue sapphire that you often see.

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Yellow Sapphire Cuff Links

Cuff links with yellow sapphire are an ideal gift for a man, team them with a tie pin. If you wish to spend more, purchase a shirt and tie to go with them.

Yellow Sapphire Sweets

With a little bit of searching you may be able to find sweets that have the name 'Yellow Sapphire'.

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Yellow Sapphire Colored Flowers

Purchase a bouquet of flowers in shades of yellow. If the couple are not aware of the significance of the color you may have to explain.

Interesting Facts About Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphires are found readily and belong to the corundum family along with rubies and blue sapphires. Sri Lanka is the country that produces the most sapphires, but the finest are found in Kashmir.

In the Indian market the yellow sapphire is often known as Pushparaga or Pukhraj.

When purchasing yellow sapphire check with the supplier that you really are buying yellow sapphires as there are many simulated versions of the gemstone available.

The sapphire is the second hardest stone measuring 9 on the Mohs scale.

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