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Unique Graduation Gifts



Unique graduation gifts can be given whenever a course of study finishes. This type of gift can either be useful, especially if the person is going on to further study. It can also just be fun to congratulate the person or reward them for their hard work. You could even give both sorts of gift.

The ideas for graduation gifts on this page are designed for people of all ages.


Calculators and Organizers

Calculators may be necessary for those pupils going on to study engineering, mathematics or physics. Of course they may be useful in the work place when adding up figures.

Electronic organizers and pocket computers may help the student or graduate keep themselves in the right places at the right times.

Computer Case

Very useful for transporting a computer around between classes. You may decide that it is a nice gift to give someone just starting work for the first time. Whichever it is, it will be much appreciated.

Books of All Types

You could provide books to help with any forthcoming studies. You could just provide some general reference like a good encyclopedia or dictionary. You may even decide to provide something fun or something different for the person to get their teeth into (Shakespeare for example).

Favorite DVDs

For the younger person why not get them their favorite film on DVD? Surely they deserve some leisure time before the real studies start!

Unique Graduation Gifts - CDs and Other Noise

How about buying a gift of a CD. Some classical music may be nice so that the person will be able to sit and listen to it whilst concentrating. You could purchase a language course or a speaking book.
You might buy them some of their favorite music. It may be noise to you, but everyone is different.

Champagne (for those old enough)

For the older graduate buy a bottle of champagne so they can celebrate in style. Maybe they will invite you to join them.

View a selection of different gift ideas by clicking on the image above.

Book Tokens, Let Them Choose

This is always a good bet if you are not sure what the person is going on to study. They could use it to buy required textbooks. If they have all their books they will be able to spend the token on a book or book for their leisure time.

Computer and Electronic Games

Another idea for the younger person. All work and no play was never any good for anybody. So buy a game they will be able to play in their spare time.

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