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Unique Flower Gifts


Bouquet of Lilies

Finding unique flower gifts for those special occasions will require a bit of detective work. You will have to find out the conditions the flowers and plants are likely to be kept in.

Cut flowers do not like to be kept too warm and some pot plants require humid conditions. There should be no problems when purchasing as the florist should be able to tell you the best conditions for keeping a particular plant.

Unique flower gifts

When purchasing bouquets, the day you give them you should place them in plenty of water and add some flower food (a good florist should be able to give you some) and store in a cool place. If buying pot plants make sure there is a care label attached to the plant. Remember that giving flowers need not be for a special occasion but just an impulse buy to say you care.

Aqua Gift

These are bouquets which have been made up and placed in a vase containing water or a cellophane wrapper designed to hold water. All good florist will wrap this way. Roses that do not like to be out of water are particularly good given this way.

Continental Bouquets

These are bouquets that are designed to be looked at all round. Ideal for the person who is not good at arranging flowers as they can usually be placed straight in a vase.

Exotic Flower Bouquets

Florists today are able to purchase exotic flowers to place in the bouquets they are making up. For a special birthday or wedding anniversary why not have a bouquet made up of these flowers, making unique flower gifts?

Single Flowers

A single flower in a specially designed vase makes a very classy gift. You could purchase either a single rose, gerbera or carnation and place in a bud vase. If it is for a birthday then pick out the color of the birthstone for that month.

pot crysanthemum

Pot Chrysanthemums

Very showy with lots of flowers. Pick out a plant that has lots of buds still to come out. Very easy to look after only requiring water when the soil feels dry to the touch. This will be more frequent in warm weather. Water plants from the bottom as you are less likely to over water them and tip away any extra as this will rot the roots.


Begonias come in a variety of colors so you should be able to find one to suit the person you are buying for. Begonias seem to go on flowering for ever so make a good gift for and elderly person.


Cacti are good gifts to give a man. They do not need much watering and are happy to sit in an office on the window ledge. Given the right conditions some cacti will flower.

Green Plants

These plants do not bare flowers and are usually picked for their showy leaves. If the person has a conservatory this type of plant might go well in it.


These plants usually look exotic and would make unique flower gifts. They do not need a lot of water and are often watered from the center of the plant where there is a little cup formed by the plant to hold the water. Ideal for those people who are away a lot.

You could always make the unique flower gifts more special by adding a large colorful bow or by placing pot plants in a nice decorated one.


Taking Care of Cut Flowers

Click on this link to find useful tips on flower care for bouquets and cut flowers.

Taking Care of Indoor and Outdoor Gifts of Pot Plants

Take a look at this page to help you with looking after those indoor and outdoor pot plants given and received as gifts.

Flower Meanings

Click on the link above for a very comprehensive list of flower meanings. If you decide you want to send a special message within the bouquet check out the meanings from this list first.

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