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Tsavorite Anniversary Gemstone


tsavorite gemstone

The tsavorite anniversary gemstone represents 25 years of marriage. As this is a green gem it looks good set in silver which also represents this anniversary. You may have to use your imagination for suitable gifts as there only appears to be jewelry available.

We hope the following suggestions will help...

Vacation to Kenya

Why not take a vacation to Kenya as this is the silver wedding anniversary and definitely something to celebrate

Tsavorite Anniversary Gemstone Cuff Links

Cuff links with tsavorite gems. Include a shirt to go with the gift along with a tie and matching tie pin.

Gemstone Jewelry at Manufacturer Prices

Tsavorite Jewelry

There are many pieces of jewelry to choose from. The jewelry ranges in price depending on the size of stone so you should be able to find a piece to suit your budget.

Facts about Tsarvorite

Tsavorite is a variety of the garnet. It is the inclusion of small amounts of chromium that produce the green color.

Tsavorite or tsavolite was relatively rare until 1967 when it was discovered a place called Lemshuko, Tanzania. It was later discovered in Kenya The Gemstone was named by Tiffany and Co's president who named it in honor of the Tsavo National Park in Kenya.

Tsarvorite is rarely found larger than 5 carats in weight.

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