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Spinel Anniversary Gemstone


The spinel anniversary gemstone is the gem that represents the 9th year of marriage when given as a green gemstone. The 65th anniversary gemstone is the blue spinel.

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Music with Spinel in the Title

Look out for music that has the word spinel in the title. 'Spinel' by Rurutia is a gift you might consider if the couple enjoy that type of music.

Spinel Anniversary Gemstone Cuff Links

Cuff links with spinel stones in the correct color for the anniversary. Buy a shirt to go with the gift along with a tie and matching tie pin.

Valentine Banner 2012

Spinel Jewelry

There are many pieces of jewelry to choose from. Some of the jewelry may be made with 'created' gemstones, so check before you purchase the item.

Facts about Spinel

Spinel is rarely found in large crystals and it takes its name from the thorns of spines the crystals resemble. Spinel is a popular stone for jewelry as high quality spinel has the brilliance approaching that of the diamond. Spinel was traditionally worn as a good luck charm and remedy for bleeding.

The stone has a hardness of 8 - 9 on the Moh scale of hardness. Due to its hardness it makes excellent jewelry and is often used instead of rubies.

Cobolt blue colored spinel is very rare. Spinel is found in Sri Lanka, Burma, Tanzania and Tadzhikistan.

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