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Smoky Quartz Anniversary Gemstone


smoky quartz


The smoky quartz anniversary gemstone represents the 70th year of marriage. The sapphire also represents this anniversary.


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Smoky Quartz Anniversary Gemstone Cuff Links

Matching cuff links and tie pin make a good gift. To make it different, place the items on a tie and shirt before giving the gift.

Smoky Quartz Jewelry

Smoky quartz is available in all types of jewelry. Pick matching items to give as a gift for this special wedding anniversary.

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Not an ideal gift for everyone, but if the traveling isn't to much then a trip to an area that produces smoky quartz might make a unique gift for the couple.

Information About Smoky Quartz

There are many varieties of quartz, some of which include the smoky quartz, rose quartz and the amethyst. The smoky quarts may resemble obsidian, black tourmaline or black onyx.

The color of smoky quartz possibly comes from the irradiation the stone may have undergone whilst forming. Some quartz in jewelry is artificially irradiated to make it dark black in color. A good jeweler should be able to tell you which has been treated.

Smoky quartz may be found in several areas of the world and these include Colorado, Brazil, Italy, the Swiss Alps and the USA. Smoky quartz may also be found as gwindle quartz. A cluster of parallel crystals each rotated slightly in relation to one sitting next to it.

Varieties of smoky quartz are often given names from the area where they are found. The Caingorm is a smoky quartz found in the Caingorm Mountains of Scotland. Caingorm quartz is pale in color. The Morion is a dark opaque variety of quartz found in Italy and the Coontail quartz is a local name for a variety of smoky quartz found at several sites near Magnet Cove, Arkansas, United States.


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