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September Gift Ideas


september sapphire gift

For September gift ideas consider purchasing gifts containing a sapphire as this is the birthstone for this month. You will find other charts are available with other gem stones. These charts will show you the colors, flowers, along with trees representing the month or star sign. Bringing all these things together you have a large selection of gifts to chose from.

Zodiac birthstones

September is also covered by the birth signs Virgo (August 24th - September 23rd) and Libra (September 24th - October 23rd. Virgo is represented by the birthstone carnelian and Libra by the peridot or aventurine.

Celtic birthstone

Celtic birthstones for September are the amethyst, opal and the emerald. Why three? This is because the month of September is covered by three Celtic signs. The amethyst is the birthstone for the month of Braden and this ends on the 1st September. From the 2nd September to 29th the Celtic month is Eala and the emerald covers this. The opal covers the 30th September and is known as Gaedh. Each Celtic month is represented by a tree. These are for Braden the hazel, Eala the vine and Gaedh the ivy. The Celtic signs will give you plenty of September gift ideas.

morning glory flowers


The months of the year are each represented by a flower. September has two flowers representing it which are the morning glory and the aster.


September is also represented by the color purple. Purple is a range of shades occurring between the colors red and blue.

September Gift Ideas

Sapphire - Sapphire colored flowers. Sapphires come in a variety of colors including pink, blue and pale blue so there is a large selection of flowers available to purchase.

Peridot - Jewelry is found with peridot as the stone and there are plenty of pretty pieces to choose from.

Aventurine - Again jewelry is a good bet for the perfect birthday gift. Or if you know the person well you may be able to get them an aventurine bonsi tree. The leaves of the tree are made out of aventurine stones.

Carnelian - A good selection of carnelian There are many pieces of jewelry available for women. In the book 'The Stone Dance of the Chameleon' a trilogy by Ricardo Pinto the main character is call 'Carnelian'.

Amethyst - Along with jewelry you could also purchase as a gift a bouquet of amethyst colored flowers.

opal earrings

Opal - The opal is an iridescent stone that makes attractive jewelry but make sure you are buying the real thing as there is a lot of imitation pieces around.

Emerald - Treat your partner to a vacation in the Emerald Isles. If you want to make it a surprise trip buy a book on Ireland and place the travel tickets inside it. This is sure to make the birthday very special. Jewelry with an emerald as the center piece makes an ideal gift for a woman or even a man.

Hazel - If the person is a chocoholic you could buy them a bar of chocolate with hazelnuts in it.

Vine - You could purchase a vine for the garden but that seems a bit boring and may not produce much in the way of fruit if not placed in a good position. So why not buy a bottle of wine as this is the product of grapes which grow on vines.

Ivy - There are many items that have been decorated with ivy. These include dinner and tea service, place mats and coasters. Ornaments and vases are also available with ivy decoration.

aster flower

Aster - The aster is also available in purple so include this in a bouquet of this color.

Morning glory - You could buy a morning glory for the garden, an ideal plant to be grown against a wall or fence. In the summer you will have a fusion of showy blue and purple flowers.

Purple - Plenty of September gift ideas in this color including flowers, jewelry, shirts for the men and books, dvds or cds with purple in the title. Or the artist or author may have purple in their name.

Valentine Banner 2012

Wrapping ideas

Gift wrap your September gift ideas in purple paper, add a few fresh flowers to the outside using ribbon to secure them to the parcel. You will find other suggestions for gift wrapping by clicking on this link.

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