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Rhodolite Anniversary Gemstone


rhodolite gemstone


The Rhodolite anniversary gemstone represents 15 years of marriage along with the Ruby and the Alexandrite.


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Rhodolite Anniversary Gemstone Watch

Rhodolite is often found in pieces of practical jewelry. Watches may be purchased that use rhodolite stones to decorate them.

Rhodolite Jewelry

Rhodolite gemstones are made into many different pieces of jewelry. You should be able to find suitable pieces for the person you are giving the gift to.

Rhodolite Encrusted Pen

Look for rhodolite gem encrusted pens. You may be able to find a gift set suitable for him and her.

Rhodolite Cuff Links

Cuff links are always an easy gift to give to a man who wares shirts to work. Maybe team the cuff links with a shirt, tie and tie pin.

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Rhodolite Colored Flowers

Purchase a bouquet of flowers in shades of pink to match the colors available in Rhodolite gem stones. Place the flowers in a vase so the couple do not have to find one on the day.

Facts About The Stone Rhodolite

Rhodolite is named after the Greek word 'rhodon' meaning 'rose' or 'rose like' due to the pink nature of the stone. A variety of the mineral pyrope, the color ranges from pink to dark pink or purple. Rhodolite is found and mined in the Cowee Valley, Macon County, North Carolina.

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