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Pink Tourmaline Anniversary Gemstone



The pink tourmaline anniversary gemstone is the one that represents the 5th year of marriage. The sapphire may also be given as a gift for this anniversary.


We hope the following suggestions will help...

Pink Tourmaline Watch

A great fashion item for women. The watches are also available in other colors and are made for both sexes.

Pink Tourmaline Anniversary Gemstone Cuff Links

Cuff links with tourmaline stones. Buy a shirt to go with the gift along with a tie and matching tie pin.

Tourmaline Hairdryer

Why not go for something completely different and purchase a hairdryer in tourmaline. Look out for a pink one so the color is in keeping with the anniversary.

Valentine Banner 2012

Pink Tourmaline Hair Straighteners

Pink straighteners are available. If the person has curly hair they may wish to wear their hair straight occasionally.

Facts About Pink Tourmaline

The name tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese words 'tura mali'. Roughly translated it means 'stone with mixed colors'. The tourmaline gemstone is found in an array of colors ranging from green to red and blue to yellow. Only stones of a single color are fairly rare and these may show a variety of colors depending on the light source. Tourmalines may be found in many areas of the world. These include places such as Afghanistan, Argentina, Brazil, Kenya, Nigeria and in California and Maine in the USA.

The price of tourmalines depends on the quality and color of the stone, therefore it is possible to find pieces to suit your wallet and the gift you are giving.

Tourmalines have a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale making it ideal for jewelry.

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