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Halloween Pumpkin Pinata Instructions


On this page we have included pinata instructions on how to make a 'Pumpkin Pinata'.

Unfortunately we were unable to find a pumpkin pinata photo. The texture created by the paper used on the donkey will give you an idea of how the pinata will look when finished.

A pinata is a hollow shape filled with small gifts usually hung from a branch or similar object. When the time comes near to the end of the party or evening, everyone is given a stick to help shatter the pinata and the tiny gifts are released. Some pinatas provide strings (make sure there are enough for everyone to hold) and these are held and then pulled to open the pinata, spilling the contents onto the ground. Depending on the contents it might be an idea to provide bags to put the gifts in. If you are placing candies in the pinata make sure they are wrapped.

You could purchase one already made if you are short of time or you could make your own. Children would enjoy getting involved with making the pinata.


Pinata Instructions

Materials required for the pinata

  • A large round balloon
  • Newspaper torn into small pieces
  • Runny glue (a flour and water mix will work)
  • White paper
  • small amount of green tissue paper for the stem
  • orange tissue paper for the main body
  • black paper for the face
  1. Blow up the balloon to the size required. Be careful not to overfill as it may easily burst.
  2. Now start covering the balloon with the newspaper. Dip each piece in the glue and attach to the balloon covering the whole surface area. Remember to leave a hole big enough for the gifts to go in. The opposite end to the knot is ideal for this as you can cover the knot to form the stalk of the pumpkin.
  3. When you have about 3 or 4 layers of paper then allow it to dry. You do not want the pinata to be too thick as you need it to be easily broken. When dry, cover the pinata completely with white paper. Know add the orange tissue allowing it to stick up a bit, rather than completely flat. This is to allow the pumpkin to have texture.
  4. Cover the stem with the green tissue and allow to dry before adding the face.
  5. If using strings place these evenly around the hole and make sure they are secure as it is these that will break the pinata.
  6. Fill the pinata pumpkin with gifts.
  7. Cover the hole to stop the items falling out.
  8. Place in an area where all can reach.

Pinata History

The Pinata was often a clay pot brightly decorated with feathers and other materials, filled with candy and small gifts. The pinata is believed to have originated in Mexico amongst the Mayans and Aztecs, although there are many theories as to how the pinata arrived. Many other countries have similar traditions and each will claim to be the first to have introduced the pinata to the world.

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