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Onyx Anniversary Gemstone


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The Onyx anniversary gemstone represents the 7th wedding anniversary. You will find many gifts available either made from onyx or containing small pieces of the stone.


We hope the following suggestions will help...

Onyx Chess Sets

For the chess enthusiast buy a beautifully carved onyx chess set. There are a variety sets to choose from with a variety of prices to suit the gift required.

Onyx Trinket Box

Onyx trinket boxes are available to keep jewelry safe when removed just before going to bed. Find a box that is well banded and would look nice on the dressing table.

Onyx Anniversary Gemstone Candle Holders

Available in onyx are candle holders. Treat the person to a pair so that they can use them to grace the table or the mantle shelf.

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Onyx Jewelry

Check when purchasing to make sure that it is the real thing, black onyx is often dyed agate. Jewelry is often found containing black onyx. Because of its hardness it is an ideal material for carving. Rings for men and women are widely available either with a carved surface or a plain flat one. Cameos are often carved from onyx varieties and come in many sizes and are incorporated into a variety of jewelry pieces.


Onyx Facts

In Greek the name onyx means 'fingernail' due to the bands of white looking similar to the edge of a fingernail. Onyx is a cryptocrystalline (made up of small crystals) form of quartz found in many colors.

Onyx is usually banded with white as the alternate band. The brown and white variety is known as sardonyx and the red and white variety is known as carnelian onyx. Black onyx is often dyed to get the color required for jewelry.

Onyx is widely found where there are quartz deposits.

Onyx has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale.

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