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October Gift Ideas


aventurine gemstone

When looking for unique October gift ideas for a person born in this month you have a number of options available to you. There are various birthstones, flowers and trees associated with this month. One of the birthstones which represents October is the opal. Also the birthstones peridot, aventurine and beryl may be given as gifts for certain parts of October.


Zodiac birthstone

Peridot and aventurine represent the birth sign Libra (September 24th - October 23rd) and the gemstone beryl represents the birth sign Scorpio (October 24th - November 22nd).

Celtic birthstone

The Celtic star signs Geadh and Cakkeacg-oidhche are represented by the birthstones opal and jasper respectively. They also have the ivy and the reed as their trees. This may give you other ideas for presents.


The marigold is the flower which represent the month of October and can be found in yellow and orange.


Orange is the color to represent October. This color also reminds me of the fall in the northern hemisphere when the leaves change color to oranges and reds before falling.

October Gift Ideas

Opal - The opal is an iridescent stone that makes attractive jewelry but make sure you are buying the real thing as there are a lot of imitation pieces around. You will find CDs and DVDs with opal in their title. The artist or author may have the name Opal.

peridot pendant

Peridot - Jewelry with peridot makes an ideal gift. You will be able to find cuff links for a man and many different items containing peridot for a woman.

Aventurine - Jewelry with aventurine stones make ideal gifts. Look for an ornament made of aventurine. These pieces are often small and reasonably priced and are good for October gift ideas.

Beryl - The most expensive of the beryl emerald but there are cheaper pieces that can be purchased such as aquamarine or the green beryl which is a different gem to the emerald.

Jasper - If this is a special birthday (and all should be) then you may wish to treat the person to a vacation in Jasper, Canada. You could also buy a piece of jasper jewelry. Cuff links for the man and bracelets and pendants for the woman.

Ivy - Look out for flower arrangements that have ivy as one of the plants. This makes an ideal present for the older person. You should be able to find books, DVDs and CDs with ivy in their title or with Ivy as the author, singer or actress.

Valentine Banner 2012

Reed - Not so easy to find gifts made from reeds but you will be able to find books, DVDs and CDs where reed is in the title or is the name of the author, actor or singer.


Marigold - For a really silly fun idea add a packet of marigolds. You know, the ones you wear for washing up.

Orange - An ornamental orange tree for the conservatory or one that does produce edible fruit. You could also look for items that are orange to give as a gift. A bouquet of orange flowers for the lady who has the birthday is suitable as a present for someone you do not know so well.


Wrapping ideas

As orange is the color which represents October you may consider an orange ribbon to decorate the gift being given. Orange and brown make an attractive combination when wrapping up gifts. Use brown paper and add a large ribbon in orange. Take a look at our gift wrapping by clicking on this link for more ideas on how to wrap those October gift ideas.

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