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November Gift Ideas


November gift ideas

On this page are November gift ideas to help you make that all important decision. By looking at the birth signs, the stones, color and flowers that represent the month of November you will be able to find a unique gift for the person who's birthday it is. The topaz and citrine are the birthstones that represent the whole of November.

Zodiac birthstones

Scorpio and Sagittarius cover the month of November with the beryl as the gemstone for Scorpio and topaz for Sagittarius. Scorpio runs from October 24th to November 22nd and Sagittarius runs from November 23rd to December 21st.

Celtic birthstone

The Celtic month Cailleach-oidhche (October 28th - November 24th) is represented by the birthstone jasper and Bran (November 25th - December 22nd) is represented by the lapis lazuli. The trees which represent these two signs are the reed and elder.


Chrysanthemums are the flowers which represent November and these are readily available in bouquets.


Yellow is the color for this month. A beautiful bright color for this month, a spring color for those in the southern hemisphere and a cheerful one for those dark dreary days in the northern hemisphere.

November Gift Ideas

Beryl - The most expensive of the beryl family is the emerald, but there are cheaper pieces that can be purchased such as aquamarine all green beryl which is different to the emerald.

Topaz - Plenty of choice in the way of topaz jewelry. Cuff links for the men and rings and pendants for the women. For the book lover you could find a book with topaz in the title.

Citrine - 'Da Color of My Love' is a short Urban Novel by Citrine Topaz. Not only is the author's name Citrine but they also have the name Topaz another November stone.

Jasper - If this is a special birthday and all should be then you may wish to treat the person to a vacation in Jasper, Canada. You could also buy a piece of jasper jewelry. Cuff links for the man and bracelets and pendants for the woman.


November gift ideas

Lapis lazuli - A bight blue stone often used to represent the oceans on a globe. If you know the person enjoys traveling you might consider one of these. Also available in lapis lazuli are beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Reed - Not so easy to find gifts made from reeds but you will be able to find books, Dvds and Cds where reed is in the title or is the name of the author, actor or singer.

Elder - Elder trees from garden centers or mail order catalogs are available in varying sizes to suit the size of the garden. Finding November gift ideas with 'elder' as the theme is more difficult but if you use your imagination you may be able to come up with a few ideas.

November gift ideas

Chrysanthemum - These flowers are available as either cut flowers or pot plants. For the older person you may wish to give a pot plant. Choose one with lots of buds and you could also pick a yellow one to so that it represents the color for the month. Or you could buy the person a bouquet of chrysanthemums along with a vase if you wish to make it more of a gift.

Yellow - Gifts such a books DVDs, CDs, containing the word yellow would make ideal gifts for someone. You may have to explain why you have chosen the gift though.

Wrapping ideas

Wrap the gift in yellow paper or add a bow of this color. Make a small bouquet of yellow flowers and add these to the front of the gift. Take a look at our gift wrapping page for more ideas. Taking care wrapping those November gift ideas will add class to the gift however small it is.

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