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Mother of Pearl Anniversary Gemstone


oyster shell and pearl

 The Mother of pearl anniversary gemstone is the one that represents 1st year of marriage along with the Peridot.


We hope the following suggestions will help...

Mother of Pearl Jewelry

Mother of pearl jewelry is available in many designs and you should be able to find a piece suitable for the person you are giving the gift to.

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Mother of Pearl Cuff Links

Cuff links with Mother of Pearl for the man. Buy a shirt and a tie pin to go with the gift.

Mother of Pearl Coasters

These are available to give as a gift. Make the coasters more interesting by giving the couple a bottle of their favorite wine.

Mother of Pearl Keep Sake Box

As this is the gem that represents the 1st Anniversary why not buy a keep sake box inlaid with mother of pearl?

Mother of Pearl Jewelry Box

For the woman in your life you could give her a jewelry box with a piece of jewelry inside. There are many boxes that have the mother of pearl inlaid in the lid or around the edge.

Mother of Pearl Pill Case

There are many pretty pill cases available and this makes a suitable gift for the person who has to carry pills around with them.

Mother of Pearl Anniversary Gemstone Photo Frame

Buy a photo frame and have a recent photo placed in it. Or leave empty so that the couple are able to but one in celebrating their special day.

Mother of Pearl Desk Clock

Desk clocks could be purchased for somebody that spends a lot of time working at a desk. Maybe the couple have a study where the clock could sit.

Mother of Pearl Compact Case

For the ladies handbag way not buy an ornately decorated compact case. Very pretty when taken out and used.

Mother of Pearl Hand Mirror

To go with the compact case buy a matching hand mirror to go in the bag. Or just as a small gift for someone who may not use loose powder.

Mother of Pearl Letter Opener

To go with the desk clock buy a letter opener. There are many openers available decorated with mother of pearl.

Mother of Pearl Business Card Holder

Complete the set by buying a business card holder inlaid with mother of pearl.

Mother of Pearl Wooden Trays

For the older couple who are celebrating their 1st anniversary you may find a set of wooden trays make a suitable mother of pearl anniversary gemstone gift.

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Mother of Pearl Wall Mirror

Wall mirrors can be found decorated around the edge with mother of pearl. It may not be to everyone's taste though so it is advisable to check first.


Interesting Facts Mother of Pearl

The Mother of pearl is also referred to as Narce. Narce is produced by some types of mollusk that secret epithelial cells of mantle tissue. This is continually secreted onto the surface of the shells forming a mother of pearl surface.

Mother of pearl may be found in freshwater pearl mussels, abalone and pearl oysters. Pearl buttons in the 20th century were produced using the shell of the great green turban snail.

The layers of nacre help to protect the soft mollusk tissue from parasites and damaging debris by encasing the particles in successive layers. This then forms a blister pearl if attached to the wall of the shell or a pearl if free.

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