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Moonstone Anniversary Gemstone


moonstone necklace


The 13th year of marriage is represented by the moonstone anniversary gemstone. The citrine and hawk's eye gemstones may also be used to represent this anniversary.


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Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone jewelry is available to purchase in the form of earrings, pendents, bracelets and brooches. Moonstone gemstones are often set in silver, though a few pieces may be found in gold.

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Moonstone Anniversary Gemstone Cuff Links

Purchase cuff links with moonstones and place them on a dark colored shirt to show of the stone.

Books With Moonstone in the Title

Buy the classic book by Wilkie Collins titled 'The Moonstone'. Check that the person enjoys this type of book first. Or it may be just a good book to have on the bookshelf if you have been able to pick up an early addition.

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Moonstone Keyring

Key rings often have a semi precious stone incorporated into them. Look for one that has a moonstone as the center piece and purchase it as a gift. You could buy the couple one each of the same stone or two different ones using either the citrine or the hawk's eye for the other.

Moonstone Facts

The moonstone gemstone is a type of feldspar. When feldspar forms with potassium it is translucent and pearl like in appearance and is known as a moonstone. This form of feldspar was given the name moonstone as it resembles the moon.

The base color of the stone may be white, orange, yellow, gray or clear. The gemstones are easily scratched or broken as they are soft and brittle so must be handled with care.

The moonstone has been used in jewelry for many centuries, often representing the moon in the pieces.

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