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March Gift Ideas


Ruby pendant

Are you looking for unique March gift ideas? Maybe you want to buy a special gift which is not just a present but shows that a lot of thought has gone into the choosing and giving of the item. Have you considered buying a gemstone representing the month of March? Aquamarine is one of the gemstones that represents March. Or you might consider buying a bouquet of flowers or an item in the color that represents March.

Zodiac birthstones

The birthstones for the month of March are the gems aquamarine and bloodstone. You may also buy the gemstone amethyst which represents the star sign Pisces. This star sign is for the zodiac month running from February 20th to March 20th. Aries runs from the 21st March to April 20th and has the bloodstone as its gemstone.

Celtic birthstone

The Celtic birth signs which cover the month of March are Ron and Art. Ron is from the 18th February to the 17th March and has the birthstone coral. Ruby is the gemstone for the Celtic birth sign Art which is from March 18th to April 14th. Celtic birth signs also have a tree assigned to them and these are the Ash for Ron and the Alder for Art.


There are also flowers which represent March, these include violets and daffodils (jonquils). It may just be a token gift that you are giving but by choosing a gift of flowers representing the month it shows that you have at least put some thought into it.


Yellow represents the month of March. Therefore anything of this color should be acceptable and there are certainly plenty of items to choose from.

March Gift Ideas

This now gives you a large selection of gifts connected with the month of March. Jewelry is always a good fall back for March gift ideas if you do not know the person well but wish to give something with meaning.

amethyst butterfly

Aquamarine - Jewelry for the woman and cuff links for the man. Aquamarine colored toiletries.

Amethyst - Bouquets of flowers in amethyst colors. Jewelry for the woman such as rings, earrings, pendants etc. amethyst studded tie pins and cuff links are also available for the man.

Bloodstone - Along with the obvious choice of jewelry there are also CDs with the word bloodstone in their title. Check that the person receiving the gift likes the type of music first. The group Bloodstone have many CDs you could buy, such as 'Don't Stop' or 'The Very Best of Bloodstone'. Books with bloodstone in the title include 'The Bloodstone Chronicles' by Bill Myers and 'Brides and the Bloodstone' by Jen Holling.

Ruby - Jewelry makes an ideal gift for the woman. Also books, CDs and DVDs which may have the word ruby in the title or the author may be named Ruby may be given.

Coral - You may not wish to buy real coral gifts so opt for one of the many other gifts that are available or choose a gift in a coral color. March gift ideas do not have to be the real thing if this is going to be a problem.

Ash - Look for gifts made out of Ash wood or maybe if the person has a large garden you could buy them an Ash tree to go in it. Remember it will grow very tall.

Alder - Not so easy to find gifts for the Alder other than a tree. Salmon though is often smoked using alder so maybe you could stretch a point and buy a side of Alder smoked salmon.


Daffodils and violets - You will be able to find chocolate violet creams, often sold in beautiful packaging. Not to everyone's taste though. Crystal glass made into the shape of daffodils are also available as a gift. These make good March gift ideas for the older person.

Yellow - The color yellow gives you plenty of gifts that may be purchased. For the man you would be able to purchase items such as cuff links and tie pins with yellow gems or yellow ceramic centers. Books, DVDs or CDs with yellow in the title such as 'Yellow Submarine' by the Beatles.

Valentine Banner 2012

Wrapping ideas - When giving a gift the wrapping of it also plays an important part. Everybody loves to receive a gift which has been carefully wrapped by the person giving it. You may wish to use yellow paper or finish it with real flowers such as violets or daffodils, depending on the size of the box. You may be lucky and find gift paper printed with daffodils and violets. Another idea would be to put a beautiful yellow ribbon around the gift. Take a look at our gift wrapping page for more ideas by clicking on the link.

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