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June Gift Ideas


Ivory rose


Giving plenty of scope for June gift ideas. June is a summer month in the northern hemisphere, with its light nights and plenty of outdoor living it is well represented by the rose and the gemstone pearl. Alexandrite is the alternative gemstone for this month so you may wish to give this as a gift instead of the pearls as many people are superstitious about receiving them.


Zodiac birthstone

Gemini and Cancer are the two birth signs in the astrological chart that cover the month of June. Gemini runs from May 22nd to June 21st and Cancer form June 22nd to July 23rd. Agate is the birthstone for Gemini and Cancer has the gemstone emerald.

Celtic birthstone

The Celtic chart has the birth sign Beach which runs from May 13th to June 9th and Dobham which is from June 16th to July 7th each year are the two signs which cover June. Each has a tree and a birthstone allotted to it. The hawthorn and the topaz represent beech and the oak and the diamond represent Dobham.


Roses and honeysuckle are the flowers which represent the month of June. Roses come in many colors and all have been given special names. Honeysuckle is a plant which twines itself around things and lends itself to make a good show of color and smells lovely when the blossom is out.


The color for this month is red. This color is either loved or loathed by people so please check before giving as you may find that your gift is given away almost immediately.

June Gift Ideas

When you view all these different astrological elements together you will find plenty of unique June gift ideas for the people whose birthday it is.

oyster shell and pearl

Pearl - You do not have to buy a pearl if the person receiving is superstitious, mother of pearl would make a fine alternative gift. It is used for jewelry, inlaid into jewelry boxes, chess sets and many other items. For those who are not superstitious there is a wide variety of jewelry containing pearls.

Emerald - An emerald colored vase with a bouquet of brightly colored flowers to go in it. This makes the gift much more special. Jewelry is available for both men and women with emeralds as the center piece.

Agate - Agate coasters are readily available and you could team this with a bottle of wine. Also available in agate are bookends, lamps, cameo brooches, candle holders, and wind chimes. A good selection of June gift ideas available at different prices.

Alexandrite - Alexandrite comes in a variety of colors including green, yellow, orange, brown, gray, blue and yellow. Find out the persons favorite color and you may be able to buy a piece of alexandrite jewelry in that color.

Topaz - Jewelry for the ladies and for the men you could consider purchasing a book, CD, or DVD with topaz in the title. A bouquet of pale blue flowers would also make an ideal gift for the woman.

Diamond - Diamonds are always a girls best friend so a gift with diamonds in should be well received by the birthday girl. Or you may wish to buy a Neil Diamond album for someone of a certain age.

Oak - Oak is an ideal material for furniture so you should be able to find antique and modern pieces for sale in the stores.

Hawthorn - Also known as 'The Marriage Tree' by the Celts. You are also able to use the berries to make wine or jelly.

red rose

Roses - Roses for the garden or a bouquet of roses in the favorite color of the person make a good gift. Rose scented toiletries may be very welcome to the older person.

Honeysuckle - Toiletries are available to buy perfumed with honeysuckle. Or a plant for the garden. There would need to be a fence or wall for the honeysuckle to climb or let it twine itself amongst evergreen bushes to add some color when it flowers.

Red - Red flowers for the person you may not know so well or a book, CD, or DVD with red in the title. A bouquet of red roses would make an ideal gift for any woman born in June.

You will find other June gift ideas by clicking through using the links to other pages on the site.

Gift wrapping ideas

Wrap those June gift ideas in red paper and a black satin bow to ideal for either a man or a woman. Use gift wrap with roses on or add a fresh rose to the outside of the gift. See our gift wrapping page for a photo. For large gifts such as furniture tie a large red ribbon around it. You may have to hide the gift in the garage or round at a friends until the day required.

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We hope this has given you plenty of June gift ideas. Please click through on the links to view other gift suggestion for this month.

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