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July Gift Ideas


ruby gemstone

July gift ideas could consist of jewelry items containing rubies as these are the gemstones which represent this month. Along with this stone you will find that there are other gemstones, plants and trees that may be given during the month of July. These have been listed below saying briefly why they have come to be connected with this month. Check out our other gifts on the page which represents the ruby wedding anniversary.

Zodiac birthstones

Cancer and Leo are the two star signs which cover the month of July and are represented by the birthstones emerald and onyx. Cancer runs from June 22nd to July 22nd and Leo from July 24th to August 23rd.

Celtic birthstone

The Celtic birthstones for July are the diamond and the red carnelian. The diamond covers the astrological month from June 10th to July 7th and is known as Dobham. From July 8th to August 4th the red carnelian is the birthstone and the Celtic name for this month is Kati. Each of these months is also represented by a tree which are the oak and the holly respectively. The Celtic zodiac signs give you plenty of unique July gift ideas.


The flowers larkspur and waterlily represent July in the astrological chart. If the person has a pond you could buy a water lily for it. Choose a pink one as this is also the color for this month.


Pink is the color which represents the month of July, therefore you have a choice of either buying pink gifts or wrapping it in pink gift wrap.

July Gift Ideas

Emerald - A unique idea for a gift would be a holiday to the Emerald Isle (Ireland). Cuff links for men and pendants for the women make ideal emerald gifts.

Ruby - You will find lots of jewelry with rubies in it and there will be pieces suitable for both a man and a woman. You could also look for CDs and DVDs with ruby in their title or with maybe the artist has the name Ruby.

onyx elephants

Onyx - Onyx jewelry such as rings, cuff links and tie pins make could gifts for men. You may also find a chess set made out of onyx to give as a gift for someone born at the end of July.

Red carnelian - Red carnelian jewelry is available for the perfect birthday gift for the woman. Cuff links and tie pins are available with red carnelian as the center piece for the man.

Diamond - How about buying the person a gift of a cd by 'Neil Diamond'. A piece of jewelry containing one or two diamonds never went amiss with a woman. Lots of ideas for unique July gift ideas for both men and women when opting for a gift which includes a diamond.

Oak - Furniture is often made out of oak and there are many antique pieces available to buy from auctions or antique shops.

Holly - If the garden is big enough why not be different and buy a holly bush for it. You may have to tell the person why you have given such an unusual gift.

Larkspur - Buy a bouquet of flowers containing larkspur or several plants for the garden.

water lily

Waterlily - Buy pink water lilys to give as a gift to the person with a pond in their garden.

Pink - Buy pink water lilys and larkspur as this is the color for July. A pink shirt for the man may seem a strange gift but is one of the colors that all men look good in. Pink perfumes are available giving you a good selection to find the perfect one for the birthday girl.

Wrapping ideas

Wrap in a bright color and add a contrasting bow of pink for a woman. For a man wrap the gift in black to represent onyx and place a ribbon that is white to represent the bands often found in onyx.

Decorate the outside of the gift with pink flowers such as carnations or a spray of fuchsias. It adds another dimension to the thought that has gone into the gift. Check out our gift wrapping page for more ideas. There are lots of ways in which you are able to wrap those July gift ideas.

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