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January Gift Ideas


garnet ring

You will find many different January gift ideas including the CD player. Pieces of jewelry with garnet and peridot jewelry. The garnet is the gemstone that represents the month of January. Garnets come in a large number of colors including red, green, red-brown, red-purple, red-orange, and dark green. This means that you should be able to find a color to suit the person you are purchasing the gift for.

Zodiac birthstones

The the CD player. Pieces of jewelry with garnet also represents Aquarius in the zodiac star sign chart. Aquarius is from January 21st - February 19th. The first half of January is represented by the star sign Capricorn which runs from December 22nd - 20th January and has the gem stone ruby as its birthstone.

Celtic birthstone

The Celtic month Damh is from Dec 23th - January 20th and has the rock crystal as its birthstone. From January 21st - February 17th the Celtic month is known as Corr and has the birthstone peridot. The trees that represent these Celtic star signs are the birch and the Rowan (mountain ash).


The flowers that represent January are the carnation and the snowdrop.


White represents the month of January. White can be a very clinical color but you have a great opportunity to jazz the gift up using the colors of the garnet and the peridot.

January Gift Ideas

Garnet - Buy a CD by garnet Garnet Rogers. You will have to check that this gift is suitable first as you may find it has been given away before it reaches the CD player. Pieces of jewelry with garnets in them would also make ideal gifts. Rings or pendants are available for the women and cuff links for the men.

ruby pendant

Ruby - Ruby port is available for the gentlemen who may enjoy one after their evening meal. You could consider purchasing pieces of jewelry with rubies in them. There are many pieces available for both men and women.

Rock crystal - Rock crystal lamps are available. These lamps give a warm glow for those long cold nights of winter.

peridot jewelry

Peridot - Peridot is a beautiful pale green in color. The pieces of jewelry made containing this stone are often very delicate.

Birch - Birch logs are made into lamps, candle holders and picture frames. Knick-knack cups which would be ideal for holding artist brushes, pens, pencils and make up brushes. Some of the items may even have been made from birch wood.

Rowan - The Rowan wood makes excellent walking sticks as it is very strong and resilient. The berries are also used in making alcoholic drinks including a popular wine made in the Highlands of Scotland. Not to be out done the Welsh have been known to brew ale and the Irish have used them to flavor mead. It is also possible to make cider from them. You may be able to find some of these Rowan berry drinks for sale but you could also buy a Rowan berry jelly which is still made in Scotland and is traditionally eaten with game. These would certainly be unique January gift ideas.

Carnations - Carnations are available in white and would make an attractive bouquet mixed with dark leaved foliage. If you are aware of the person's favorite color add this to the bouquet, but be careful if adding red as some people feel these colors together represent death.


Snowdrops - Snowdrops are white and if you wish to give them as a gift it is better to buy them already fully grown and in bloom, than to give them as bulbs to plant.

White - As white is the color for January you may wish to buy a bouquet of white flowers. Carnations are available in white and would make an attractive bouquet mixed with dark leaved foliage. Buy books, CDs and DVDs with the word white in the title. Such as 'White Fang' by Jack London. Plenty of January gift ideas can be found in white or with white as part of the title.

Wrapping ideas

Wrap the gift in white paper and tie with a red ribbon to make a very classy looking gift. You could also place real flowers in the colors of the gem stones on the outside of the gift. Take a look at our gift wrapping page for more suggestions on how to wrap gifts.

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