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Jade Anniversary Gemstone


jade buddha


Finding a jade anniversary gemstone gift for both the 3rd and 12th wedding anniversary need not be a challenge. The jade gemstone may also be used for the 35th wedding anniversary in the USA and Britain.

We hope these suggestions will help you...

Jade Carvings

These range from Buddha figures to lucky talismans. You could give a figure representing the animal for the Chinese year they were married in or the one that the anniversary falls in now.

Jade Anniversary Gemstone Jewelry

Jade is made into many different types of jewelry including pendants, necklaces, rings and earrings.

Gemstone Jewelry at Manufacturer Prices

Jade Chess sets

A good talking point and useful for when you want a battle of wits with your partner(!)

Valentine Banner 2012

A Holiday to the Orient

As good an excuse as any for visiting the source of this gift. Surprise your partner and book a holiday of a lifetime. Remember to buy some jade whilst there.

Interesting Facts About Jade

Jade is an ornamental stone which is exceptionally tough. Its first use was in making knives weapons and axe heads.

Nephrite jade can be found in a creamy white form as well as a green color. Jadeite shows more color variation and is the rarer of the two forms of jade. Jadeite is mostly found and used in Central America. Nephrite jade was used mostly in New Zealand and China.

Jade is the official stone of British Columbia where it is found in large deposits.

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