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Halloween Party Costumes


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 Halloween party costumes can be as complicated or as simple as you please. You can produce a perfectly serviceable costume by using only face paints to produce a 'devil' or skeleton look. Old, ripped clothing with the appropriate stains will complete a Halloween 'Horror' costume.


The ideas below are mainly for adults. Department stores stock ready-made costumes especially for children and these make great Halloween gifts. Kids can use them for 'Trick or Treating'. It may be nice to help make a child's Halloween fancy dress. Face paints can be a lot of fun (and they are washable).

Halloween Party Costumes For Couples

It is common for couples to be invited to the same Halloween parties. You could both have different costumes, but two costumes on a theme is often fun.
Here are some ideas:

His and Hers Zombies

This is an easy one. You need some old clothing, ripped and stained with patches of red if possible. The make-up can be anything from diseased yellow to bright green with suitable amounts of red. You can use standard face-paints. Fake blood capsules available from joke shops can add the appropriate air of authenticity.

Mr. and Mrs. Dracula

Very light skin is the order of the day. Large vampire teeth and again a blood capsule to leave a tell-tale line on the chin. Clothes can be anything from evening wear to the latest fashions from the latest vampire movies. There may even be a signature piece of jewelry. By the way a large black plastic bag can be split and made into a cheap cape.

Frankenstein and Bride

Again very light or even green skin. Definitely those tell-tale stitch marks where the brain was put in.
For him, a flat topped hair piece with hair hanging straight down over the forehead. For clothing, a dark suit (too small in the pants leg if possible) and a black T-Shirt.
For her, a high hair-arrangement with white streaks up the side and a long white dress.

Witch and her Skeleton Date

For her, the standard witch costume, light skin makeup, talcum powder in the hair and possibly something (safe) to blacken the teeth.
For him, black and white skeleton makeup using standard face paints. Possibly also skeleton gloves.

Halloween Costumes for One

Any of the Above

Any of the party costumes mentioned above could be worn if you are going to a party on your own.

A Devil or Pixie

Horns and an appropriate 'Pitchfork' are mandatory. You could also go the whole hog and have the red skinned look and the tail. Beetlejuice

For anyone who remembers the film with Michael Keaton.

Anything Goth

The Goth look is great for Halloween

Lord of the Rings

How about coming as Sauron or an Orc?
Or you may find Hobbits scary!


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