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Halloween Gifts


Halloween gifts are a great idea to make this time of year even more fun. Children can enjoy trick or treating. Adults can enjoy parties with great food and appropriate costumes.

Halloween Party Costumes

Halloween Witch Hat

If you are invited to a Halloween party then you may need a costume. Here we provide some ideas for Halloween costumes for couples and we note that a suitable Halloween costume is a great gift idea for a child.

Halloween Party Food

Great food for great parties. We have provided some recipes for a warming soup and tasty muffins and flans. You could always make the traditional Pumpkin Pie.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving


Halloween Jack O Lantern

If you are making a Jack-O-Lantern (or carving a pumpkin.) then it is worth making a good job of it. You can buy a special kit to make the task easier and there are many ideas on the Internet to make your pumpkin extra special.

Halloween Gifts - Even more ideas

As well as fancy dress costumes and party food you can also give gifts to children at this time of year. This page supplies many ideas to help you.

Halloween Pumpkin Pinata Instructions

A great way to take gifts to a Halloween party would be in a 'pumpkin pinata', completely hand made by you. We have provide all the instructions you need to make this gift. Let the children join in the fun by letting them help you make it. Then watch the pleasure on the faces of everyone as the pinata is broken.

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